Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dontcha hate it...

I feel lousy today. I have a mean old cold.
But at least I don't have the stomach bug the rest of my family is down with.

Dontcha hate those days when there's so much to do, and you just can't bring yourself to do it?
You know you should. You wish you felt like it.
But you stand up, and then ... bluuuugh. You just want to sit back down.

But no! Scores of slippers are to be made! The Christmases of so many girls with cold feet rest in my little hook-wielding hands!

...But maybe it can wait til tomorrow?


  1. Aww feel better...
    And I tagged you for a 6 unspectacular things list.
    Hug to the family

  2. You've been given an award!!! Check out my blog for the deatils.

  3. Hey Darlin!! I just tagged you on another tag. I love ya! ~Brit

  4. You've been tagged again!(for something else) Check out my blog for details!


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