Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's Christmas!

I had just typed this whole lovely post, and went to add a picture, and it vanished. The whole thing. All brilliantly typed at the last minute before I was to go to bed. Gone. The page froze, and I waited and waited, hoping against hope it would come back to life. It was a good post.

Tis gone.

But I had just been saying that Christmas eve was productive and relaxing. The annual viewing of It's A Wonderful Life was quite satisfactory. So was dinner.

Now, I post this beautiful song to serve as a reminder.

Start at the manger on a cold winter night
Look for the star in the sky
and follow its light
It leads to a Savior for a world that is lost
at the manger, then go to to the cross

Start at the manger at the
child in the hay
The gift of our Father in heaven,
the price He would
To save all His children no matter the cost
Start at the manger, then
go to the cross

Imagine that you own the wealth of the world
of its silver and gold
What good will it do when tomorrow arrives
your heart is empty and cold

Start at the manger where redemption
When Jesus stepped down from His throne to die as a man
All of our
riches we will count them as loss
If we start at the manger, then go to
the cross.

Youth choir's singing that this Sunday. It's going to be so pretty. How amazing that Jesus chose to come down here and live like us, and with us to show us how we can live like Him, and with Him. He came, he lived, he died, he rose, and he lives again! We have such cause to rejoice!

Speaking of rejoicing, one of my (lesser, but great) reasons is .... *drumroll* Six Flags season passes!! My favorite!! That's what this family's getting for Christmas. I can't wait til they open! I'm so excited!! **squee!!**

I'm also getting a set of super great period dramas - think Jane Eyre, and Pride and Prejudice. (I picked it out myself, but it's wrapped and under the tree, so I think I'll pretend to be surprised just for the fun of it. I'm a terrible actor, though.)

Anyways, I've rewritten most of my former post now. **yawn** It's Christmas day!! The tree is twinkling in the dark, and the metallic gift bows are sparkling underneath it. There's a balmy breeze blowing in through the open windows, and the sound of the gentle rainfall is making me drowsy. (nothing like a Georgia Christmas) I've already got a pot of coffee ready to be turned on in the morning, so I think it's time to snuggle down in my bed, and drift off to sleep with my Josh Groban christmas music playing... Visions of sugarplums and rollercoasters, Mr. Darcy, and all that sort of thing, you know. ;-)

Wherever you are, whoever you're with, and whatever you're doing, I wish you a very happy Christmas. We are so blessed!

Love, Caitlin

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas cheer, anyone?

Yay for Christmas! I'm so excited. It's almost here!!!
I've felt rather Christmasy for most of December. That's been lots of fun, especially with all the fun things I've been doing. Like our non-skating skating trip. That was a blast.
A couple of us broke off from the group and tooks some pictures with the gigantic tree in Atlanta.

I almost had a whole paragraph here about different stuff from that night, but it wasn't turning out like I wanted it to, so I cut it. I'll move on.

My business cards came, but not until after the Christmas rush of packages had been sent off. But it was so exciting to finally get them that it didn't much matter they were later than I hoped for.
I got a nifty little key ring holder so's I'll always have some with me. There are 43 different pics. Which means this photo only shows some of the awesomeness. ;-)

Back to more Christmasy things though: shopping! I've done way more shopping lately than I have in... likely ever. I think I spent around 65 dollars in Claire's alone in the past month or so. Blast all those sales and discounts! :D But most of it was Christmas presents. And, I say, I believe I'm quite done spending for some time now. Lack of funds aside, I think I've actually had enough shopping this month. Time to be saving. ... heh. Anyways, here's a pic from one of our shopping excursions.Do we look alike to you? I'm not seeing any resemblance. I think Alicia and I look more like sisters than my own sister and me.

Also fun was the church's roller skating fellowship. Not very eventful, but fun. I fell twice.
It was because I couldn't figure out how to stop, or how to get around the wall of people that was suddenly in front of me. I don't have any pictures from that, which is probably good. :D

Then there's choir practice, which I enjoy, as usual. The Christmas stuff is fun, but all of a sudden I feel like I don't know how to sing any of this stuff we've been working so hard on for weeks. I was oddly clueless during Thursday's practice for lots of stuff that I thought I had memorized. Bleh. BUT! There is hope! We have practice again tomorrow, and we're bound to start off on a good note - how can you not when coffee and donuts are provided? Exactly. (I don't want to hear anything from you coffee haters. **cough**Becca**cough**)

We had our little Christmas party at preschool Thursday morning. We made little christmas ornaments and picture frames for the mommies and daddies, and then had a super-extravagant snack with lots of apple slices and cheese puffs. I forgot to take the camera, of course. I was gonna show you pics, but they'll have to wait til another day - I ran out of time!

AND! My wonderful aunt and uncle and cousins are coming up for Christmas! How sweet is that!

To top everything off, the excitement won't end at Christmas. My dearest friends in the Whole Wide World are planning a New Year's Eve bash that I've been looking forward to since last year.

What are you doing this Christmas season? Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, I hope you're enjoying it as much as I am. :) Even if your Christmas season isn't full of optimistic sparkles, warm fuzzies, and christmas cheer in general, may God give you the eyes to see all the blessings around you. We have so much to be thankful for!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Life Lesson Monday

This one is in a little different format from the others, mostly because I can't think of anything story length. :)

Lessons Learned in Recent Days

From my S.S. class Christmas ice skating outing:
  • Pointy heeled shoes leave funny little holes behind you when you walk in the grass. (aerating?)
  • If you eat at the Olive Garden with a bunch of your friends, everyone had better be prepared to share. (hey, um... can I taste that?)
  • Don't wear high heeled boots to choir practice if the leader is going to make you stand the whole time. (not that I knew ahead)
  • Counting and talking simultaneously results in errors. (if you're crocheting, you'll probably end up having to pull out a couple rounds.)
  • Provided with the right sort of company, you can still have fun if your ice skating party doesn't include ice skating. (and especially if it includes starbucks)

And one from preschool:

  • Even cute dinosaurs can become scary in the hands of small children. (mostly 2 year old boys)

So. That was the best I could come up with for now. **sigh**

It's better than nothing, right? :D At least you know I've been having fun!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I feel terrible for not actually doing much life updating lately. You wouldn't believe how neglected my real journal is. I haven't even opened it in the past month because I don't want to see when the last entry is dated. Helpful, huh?

But I thought while I'm on checking Etsy stuff before I go to bed, I'd let you all know that I haven't died of that stupid cold yet. It still hasn't gone away. It's making me grumpy and uber tired. Yet I keep doing stuff. I went caroling yesterday. With a screechy voice. lol. But I hate to miss all the Christmas fun because I have a cold!! Of course, I think with all this activity and little rest, I'm prolonging it... ah well.

Here's a random picture for a little visual interest. I just dicovered Picnik.

An apology is in order for the neglect of Life Lesson Mondays. This sounds like a lame excuse, but I can't think of any good life lessons. I keep wishing something mildly bad and laughably funny would happen to me. No such luck. And the recesses of my memory aren't serving me well lately, either. I want to continue the series, but if there are no Life Lessons, there can't be a Life Lesson Monday. Unless I sway from my theme of obvious-yet-hilarious, or whatever.

In other news, I followed my better judgement over my heart and did NOT buy one of the adorable budgies on sale at PetSmart. (Vincent would have been SO mad.) My mother, on the other hand, gave into abouding cuteness and purchased the sweetest little red guinea pig. His name is Gimli. Thanks to me. **bows elegantly** We were tossing around names, and Abby went into Lord of the Rings characters. I told her if we were picking a name from LotR, Gimli would be the best guinea pig name. And it kinda fits his smallness and redness. Awesome.

Shopping for my preschoolers was fun. I raided the dollar store. I'm so glad they're all boys. I got dinosaurs, candy, and sugar donuts for everyone.Woo Hoo! And I got a collection of dinosaurs for my classroom. There are two in there now, but they're mean, ugly dinosaurs. I got cute ones. lol I'll have to show you some time. Remind me.

Random Bullets:

  • We had a gingerbread house decorating party on Monday. It went really well.

  • I went to the orthodontist today, and the Dr. said everything was going perfect, and I don't have to have any teefs pulled!

  • Then I went to starbucks and when I ordered, I said my name was Caiti (I always say Caitlin...), and asked for carmel (I always say caramel). Just because I wanted to do something different.

  • My eyes are bothering me right now.

  • Two of my left contact lenses have ripped for no reason, and so now I don't have the same number of left ones as right one left. **Grumpy face**

  • I still need to buy christmas presents for my brothers.

  • Etsy is driving me crazy. I love crocheting, and I love making money, but I am so ready for a break. I can't keep up!

  • I got a compliment on my Etsy banner today, and was asked if I ever considered going into graphics design.

  • I can't wait for my business cards to come!! I'm so disappointed every day when I check the mail and there is no little box for me. :(

  • Dinner and skating Saturday with my SS class is going to be so much fun!

There. I'd say that's a pretty good off-the-cuff blog post. At least now you know what's going on. :)


Saturday, December 6, 2008

6, 7, 15

Hello again! It's December now.

I was tagged 3 times in my absence.
Time to get to it!

Firstly, tagged by Mama Ant over at the Ant Farm, we have
6 Unspectacular things about myself:

1) Right now I have a cold. That's pretty unspectacular.
2) I eat whatever I want, and don't excersize regularly. HA! ...shame on me, I know. :P
3) My braces are here to stay for another year and a half. Maybe more.
4) I like to stay up too late reading.
6) I have cold feet. The rest of me can be roasting, and my feet will be cold and clammy.

Next, tagged by BB at the Ant Farm (hey girl! It's been too long. :P ), we have 7 random/interesting facts about my family.

The Rules are as follows-
1. Link the person who tagged you and post the rules on your
2. Share 7 random and/or interesting facts about you / your family.
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include
links to their blogs.
4. Let each person know they've been tagged by leaving a
comment on their blog.

Got it. Can do.

Fact 1 - my family has been homeschooled for about 13 years now (I don't remember when I started), and Mama is over halfway finished. If she keeps holding out with Ben, she's got 12 years left. I think that deserves some credit. Go Mommy!

Fact 2 - I wish I knew all of our geneology. I'm pretty sure we've got some mix of Welsh or Irish with some Cherokee or something, maybe some British Anglo-Saxon, and all sorts of other things going on. It would be fun to find out where our ancestors were from.

Fact 3 - My family never misses a new episode of Stargate Atlantis.

Fact 4 - We're reading Jotham's Journey for Advent this year. I love that story.

Fact 5 - All of us drink coffee.

Fact 6 -We enjoy listening to and singing with music from our favorite movies while riding in the van. Well, we children do anyways. I can't attest for Mama and Daddy.

Fact 7 - Our 8-person dining room table seems to be growing smaller... Ben won't fit in his high chair pretty soon, and we'll have to start pulling a random 9th chair up. :)

I tag Beth Dear, Beki, Crystal, Anne, Abby, Becca, and Deborah.

Speaking of Deb, she tagged me, too!
Now I must list 15 things I'm not afraid to admit on my blog.

1) I sing in the shower. A lot.

2) Sometimes I drool when I'm asleep. Sorry.

3) My greatest aspiration in life is to be a nice little wife and mommy. Seriously.

4) When I'm a mommy, I want to have little boys. They're my favorite.

5) I quit piano years ago because I hated practicing, because I hate doing things wrong.

6) I tried to take up guitar a couple years ago, but teaching myself hasn't been going so well.

7) This is a lot easier than the other one. Probably because I'm self centered.

8) I hold my pen wrong. On purpose.

9) I assume shy people are snobby. I try not to, but I do...

10) I'm scared of a lot of people. It's irrational, yes.

11) Movies make me cry.

12) I like most music, but I hardly listen to any music at all.

13) I should be crocheting yellow slippers right now.

14) I'm a coffee addict. And when I say addict, I mean addict.

15) At work, if any of the kids bring cupcakes for a birthday, I almost never fail at sniffing them out and taking one. Or three. Especially if chocolate frosting is involved.

And there you have it! Aren't you horrified now?
For this one, I was going to tag Laura, but Deborah beat me to it. Guess I'll tag Leslie. :)

I also recieved an award!

Thanks Deb!

I hereby pass this award on to Beth Dear, Beki, Crystal, and the lovely ladies at the Ant Farm.

And here's a random shout-out to sweet Rosalie. I know you're reading. LOL! It was so good to see you this weekend!

I'll be back. :)