Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Define it. Without looking at a dictionary, or searching anything. Somebody reply and tell me, in your own words, what "so" means.
I was thinking about it on the drive home today. It's such a short word, and used so often.

For example:
"So, what did you think of that movie?"
"Well, ... it was so-so..."
"Yeah. I don't like that actor anyways. His hair is so outdated."
"So what. I mean, yeah... it was a little unusual, but so was the whole story."

Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jesus is Alive!!

It's easy to just hear things and not give them much thought, isn't it?
For us "church people," it's so easy to tune something out, thinking "I already know this."
"Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures"

I've known that verse since I was little. But I'm guilty of only really thinking about the reality of it around holidays, or after a particularly convicting sermon.

It's hard to comprehend. Such a simple little verse, but absolutely impossible to fully understand.

He took ALL the sin, evil, sorrow, pain, and guilt of a fallen world; past, present, and future. All of it, into himself. That doesn't even make sense. People talk about how Jesus was tortured and crucified, and how they can't imagine what it must have been like, but I recently realized that wasn't the worst of it. The physical pain was probably bearable in comparison to the dead weight of thousands of years of guilt and pain inflicted on his perfect soul, shutting Him off from His Father. I mean, I hate it when I do something mean, and feel sick and guilty until I make it right. He took so much more than that. And so many can't even understand how it is that we really deserved to die.

But, the point of this holiday is to focus on his resurrection. I just wanted to expound a little on the "incomprehensible" part.

He rose again! He died, was embalmed, the stone was rolled over the door, and 3 days later, the stone was rolled away, his coverings were folded, and the tomb was empty. In the words of Julia from my preschool class: "His friends thoughted that some people had stolened Jesus's body, but they really hadn't. Mary was crying, and a man asked her "Mary, why are you crying?" and she turned around and saw that it was Jesus. He had rose up from the dead!"

Now THAT is pretty neat. He was dead, then he came back to life. And he's STILL alive.
The preacher this morning was saying that Jesus didn't die for us so that we could have a better life. He didn't. He didn't die for us to be close to us. He died for us so that we could have a completely NEW life, and so that his Spirit could live IN us. That is so amazing. And it doesn't even make sense. Not to a human perspective.

The fact that we serve a living God, the Son who was the ultimate sacrifice, the Spirit who dwells within us to give us power to live blamelessly and righteously, and the Father who loves us with a love we could never understand any more than the rest of the whole story, should so fully consume us that we should be as overwhelmed by it every day just as much as we are on Easter Sunday.

I really just wanted to post a short little reminder, but I have this way of turning things into sermons, without even making much sense. :D

The whole point is, Jesus is ALIVE! Let's live like it.

Happy Easter. :)

Friday, March 21, 2008

We've come this far together...

Don't be scared of me now.

Disclaimer: I'm not always silly. I do have serious thoughts, and sometimes I feel like sharing. More often than not, though, my mind is absolutely full of random thoughts that I love sharing. So, for those who may be concerned for my well-being, do not worry. I just feel like sharing some randomness and love. :D **laughs** And maybe letting the silly part of my girlishness come out for a few minutes.

To begin with, those of you who haven't seen my album on facebook ought to see a couple of pictures from St. Patrick's Day. We broke a record at preschool. 8 out of my 10 kids got in trouble. tsk tsk tsk. **sigh** But we still had fun! Some of you may recall my mention of a green wig from a previous post.

I say, everyone loved it. (of course I did. I think it's pretty cool.) One of the other teachers couldn't stop staring, though. She said "You know, you really should grow your hair out. You look completely different with long hair -I mean, I know that's green, but long hair is really pretty on you. You really need to grow your hair out long. And straighten it." :-P The 2 year olds kept saying "mermaid! mermaid!" So, I liked being the green-haired "mermaid" for a day. I'm trying to think of what other holidays it would be appropriate for. Earth Day is all I've come up with so far.

Everybody got a shamrock painted on their face. Here are 3 of my sweet boys showing off their shamrocks and smiles. L-R: Silas, Ethan, and Jackson. If you want to see the rest of my pictures from St. Patrick's Day, check out my album on Facebook. I think it will work. If it doesn't, somebody please let me know.

To move on to another random topic; my (semi) conversion.
I always thought I hated dreads. Hate as in "ew! a guy with dreadlocks! GROSS!" Hate as in a rant ensued whenever I saw them. "Ew! Why would anybody do that?"

Then I watched Stargate Atlantis. And more recently, American Idol. And so, I present unto you the reasons I am no longer permanently prejudiced against dreadlocks.

Their names: Jason.
Both Jasons! Cool.
Here's some interesting information I just found while looking for this way cool picture.

"After Stargate Atlantis season 4 shooting was over, Jason Momoa had his dreadlocks cut off. The weight of them was causing him headaches, and even whiplash when filming action scenes. It may be that they sew them back on for the start of Season 5 filming."

Okay, so ...watching him flingin' the dreads while fightin' the bad guys might just lose a little of the intensity if I'm sitting there thinking "he had those sewn back on... O_o"

Then we have Jason Castro, whom I think is adorably cute. (I'm allowed to say that, right?) Although, pictures aren't very good to him. Most pictures made him look silly or girly. Gr. He looks better live. A longish interview video. Jason's not so good at interviews. Better at singing.

Lest you think my conversion radical, I attest unto you that I flipped out the other day (sort of, and not in a good way) when I saw some middle-aged white man bicycling down the road, with his super-long dreads pulled back behind him. I still said "yuck!" in my head.

But maybe I accept the dreads because both of these Jasons have nice faces, so it doesn't matter what kind of hair they have? ... Partly. But somehow they really add to the "cool" factor when "Ronan" is knocking out a bajillion Wraith at once with his big stick.

And I'll move on before I lose you here.

The other day, I was browsing a random article. I do so quite frequently. You know how web pages always have random links and ads and such - especially news pages. They're full of links to other articles, and sometimes I just have to click. The curiosity... Anyways. So I was reading this article about traveling for a date to meet someone you met online. (*insert loud guffaw*) The people who write those always add really corny jokes. Anyways, these helpful tips were provided by, as was a little sign-up box, intended to lure me in. "You must be 18 or older to use this service" caught my eye. And then the little, laughing lightbulb in my head said "Haha! I'm old enough to use a dating service!" in a sarcastic, highly amused little voice. Then it added "I'm old enough to enter stupid sweepstakes now, too!"

And I occasionally like to eat Spam.

So, I suppose this post is a confessional of sorts. Let's recap, shall we?
  • I like the attention I get from wearing a green wig. And I actually think it looks cool.
  • I like some dreads, on certain good-looking guys.
  • I would never, ever use an online dating service, but sometimes I read their articles.
  • I think most sweepstakes are stupid. (okay, that's just because I know I'd never win. -and then they spam you after you give them information.) Which brings us to
  • I like Spam. Sometimes.
*Dory voice*
And, uh, well... well, I don't think I've ever eaten a fish.
Whew. Glad I got that off my chest.
Actually, I have eaten fish...
And I love all of my friends, and I'm sorry if I scared you. :D


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kateys can be Devious Too

After the HMV concert on Thursday night, lots of us crowded on over to the nearest Mc Donald's. After waiting an INSANE amount of time for iced coffee, pies, and fries, we cool people headed to the tables in the play area - away from all the crazy ones. Had to keep our serious and mature selves away from the influences, you know. We had way too much fun.

There was a "Kateys" table, and a "youngers" table. Katey Looney, Katie Wise, and Caiti Butler are a very cool trio, if I do say so myself. We're all oldests, and we each have an awesome sister as next-in-line. Alicia, Laura, and Sara all sat at their own table. And Marilyn, too. But she doesn't have an older sister named Katey. She's still a good person.

As for Katie and I ... Well... We're devious. And we've rubbed off on Katey.
Because of us, Katey knows the macarena. Because of us, Katey no longer runs out of the room when someone mentions *gasp!* a boy. Because of us, Katey has already found a wedding dress, and (**horrors!**) even likes to talk about plans for our future weddings.

Discussing the above points (as well as others - such as the guy over there wearing a pink shirt with a camo hat... ) over iced coffee and hot apple pie, we naturally came to a point where a picture was necessary.

And so, here it is.
Katie and I trying to look devious.
Katie doesn't even have to try. lol

Marilyn, Sara, Laura, and Sheesh - the Younger Sisters
Katie and Katey looking at pictures from the ball I missed.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Secret Project

One day, I saw some red wool on sale. It was a lovely color, and very inexpensive, so I decided to buy some.

I do that a lot -buy things I don't need because they're on sale. I have a big ol' blob of white cotton yarn I have no idea what to do with because it was on sale.

But upon consideration of this red wool, I thought to myself "I must needs decide what to make with it before I buy it. Methinks I shall attempt a hooded cloak."

With no pattern, and only a basic idea of how to get the right shape, I began. Many hours, thousands of stitches, and a calloused finger later, my secret project is finished.

The original plan was to felt it, but I like the definition of the stitches so much, I have decided to leave it as it is.

If I were to sell it, I would need to charge around $85.00. I think perhaps I may make another and give it a go.

So, what do you think?


Really, I have been meaning to post for ages, and just haven't gotten the chance.
I'm finally here.
With pictures.

I really don't know where I left off in my life happenings last time I blogged, but - OH! I just remembered. I meant to blog about visiting Calvary a few weeks ago and I never did. That was 'mazin' fun. Really. Lots of love to all of my Calvary people. I'm sad I didn't have more photos, or better ones. Beth-Dear, I should like to see the ones you got. :D
Me, Ham, and Andrew
Tabitha, Laura, and Becx

Next interesting happening: I colored my hair strawberry blonde. Mama did a great job. Only the people who know me SUPER well said "oh, you dyed your hair!" The other ones all say, "something's different with your hair... I can't tell what, though..?!"

I love it.

I interrupt this irregularly scheduled blogging with a breaking news story.

Cheeseburger's Shortcoming Gets Him Kicked to the Curb

It was an unusual end to a Sunday night for the Butler family. They had been to church, and were on their way home. Tired and hungry, Mr. Butler decided, for the sake of his sanity and satiation, to stop at Checkers and buy cheeseburgers and hot dogs for everyone. Taking advantage of the "69 cent Sunday" deal, they ordered ten cheeseburgers, ten hot dogs, and ten apple pies. Unusual as this was, the story grew stranger.

While waiting for the immense order, something unusual was spotted on the ground beneath the service window. A double with cheese, made unusual due to it's location. Upon hearing that such an oddity had been sighted, all members of the family pressed the member nearest the door facing the burger to open it, for all to see the unfortunate sandwich.

The authorities have nothing to say on the subject, and nobody knows exactly what happened. It is presumed that, in transit to a vehicle, it was simply dropped. Dropped, and left on the pavement to grow old and cold. Perhaps this abandoned burger was rejected, and thrown out the window of an unhappy customer? This picture was taken some time after the actual defenestrating of the burger. It leaves many questions unanswered, one of which being "what happened to the wrapper?"
Stranded on the curb, this burger's future isn't looking so hot.


Week before last was pretty uneventful, I think. Last week was great. The beginning of the week is a blur. Wednesday, we went to the park with the Looneys and other friends of theirs. Laura and I had especially been wanting to meet these friends of Katey and Alicia, so I was super happy to finally have the chance. Laura had to be at school, though. :( She missed out on some amazing tag. Wish I had pics of the game. lol!
Nicholas, on top of the monkey bars.

Famous Matt's hand, Famous Garrett, the most adorable Ryan in the world, Nicholas, and Morgan

Thursday, I had my follow up exam at Dr. Peck's, from whence we determined not even Acuvue Oasys lenses will work for me. This week I'm on another trial pair. It's my last hope, apparently. If these don't work, I'm stuck with glasses for life.

Laura and I were dropped off at Katey and Alicia's that night. We got all dolled up in lightning speed, and were out the door to the HMV concert. The band was great, the jazz band was good (not quite as good as usual), the choir was awesome. It was fun, and afterwards we went to McDonalds. Most of the HMV people did.

There's more to the story, but I'm going to save it until I get a hold on the photos I need for it. ;-)

Once back home at the Looney's house, we crashed.

Friday was a little gloomy, but still fun. In the evening, we had party food for dinner. It was strange, and delicious. Then we watched August Rush. I think we teenage girls were the only ones that enjoyed it. I love it. So there.

Everyone went to bed while Laura, Alicia, and I stood outside for about 15 minutes just watching the amazing lightning. It was indescribable. Id never seen anything like it. Brilliant, silent flashes of light, illuminating the stormy clouds from behind. I know I overuse the word "awesome," but this really was one of those awe-inspiring experiences.

Then we killed the awe by going inside. Laura, Katey, Sheesh and I watched Red Eye - a pretty good suspense movie. Then we went to bed.

Saturday morning was good. We went home at noon, then went to babysit for the church drama at 5. Got home at 11. Ate too much cotton candy. Went to bed far too late, after staying up even after I told Beth-Dear I was going.

It was so good to go to Sunday School this morning! I'm going to scan my notes. I meant to tonight, but I forgot. We always start late. We technically begin at 9:45, but our lesson never starts until 10:15. We take our time getting settled in, and doing prayer requests. From 9:45 to 10:15, I was the only girl in a room full of guys. I felt a little small and alone. And amused. And I was very, very happy when Anna Leigh came in. lol! We learned about water bottles. (I'll show you later.) Never know what Phillip's gonna talk about.

This afternoon has been nice, too. Laura, Abby, and I went to Mema's house for a little while, and just relaxed. I finished up my secret project this evening. I was going to show you all tonight, but this post is so long already, it, too, shall have to wait until another time. Here's a picture, though.

you don't know what it is, do you?
(family members, shush.)

Wow. That was a lot of text.
Maybe I shouldn't wait forever, and then bog you all down with a huge post. But it's better than not posting at all, and leaving you all hanging clueless, right?
Right. ^.^
I wish you all a happy week, and a very green St Patrick's day.

Love, Caitlin

Monday, March 10, 2008

Coming Soon

This is a note to inform all of you adoring fans (please, just humor me) that I will be posting soon. Like, actually posting. Complete with pictures, and ... yeah, pictures. Maybe quotes, if I can remember any. And, of course, a general life update.

Obviously, that means that this post has nothing to do with any of those things, except to make you aware that I'll be sharing them soon. So, we could conclude that means this post will be short, right?

Nope. Because I have this uncanny knack for rambling about absolutely nothing for insane amounts of time. Especially when I've been meaning to blog, and haven't been able to due to some strange thing these people call "life." It seems to be pleasant, except for keeping me from the things which I used to call by that selfsame title. Not to say I don't have spare time. I just use it differently. Weird, huh?

To be less lame, and a little more to the point, I've been wanting to post, and I haven't gotten around to it yet. I should get around to it tomorrow. ;-)

Thank you for putting up with me. <3 And my weird self. <3

~ Caiti

Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Day of Unusual Events

The Day of Unusual Events
It all started Thursday, around 12 AM. I decided I might get up when my daily 6:30 alarm went off, even though I didn't have to. (that was Unusual)

I didn't get up. (that was usual)

After waking up, and returning to my slumber, I had a terrible dream. It was very unusual. And I hope it disappears from my memory.

I got a letter from Katey.

In the afternoon, I sniffed and smiled at many foreign fruits and vegetables at the Dekalb Market.

I ate some lamb. And a mango. And one little piece tofu. And one little prune.
I'd never had lamb or prunes before. I may have eaten 3 mangoes in my life.

I spent our entire trip at SAM's club riding in a shopping cart. I just hopped in, and expected my mother to tell me to get out, but she didn't. She just pushed me around the store while we shopped. She said I'm light. I haven't ridden in a shopping cart in years. Some guy walking past grinned and did a triple double-take.

I took the acoustic guitar on display, tuned it, sat down, and played it, while my mother shopped for a computer.

Some lady walked up and asked if I was Janice. She showed me my driver's license. It's a funny feeling when somebody who doesn't know you knows your unused first name, and is holding your license. An associate had taken mama's cart away, assuming it had been abandoned. My purse was in it. That nice other associate decided to walk around the store, and look for me. I hadn't heard her calling on the intercom because I don't usually respond to "Janice," and I was playing the guitar at the time.

I purchased and wore a bright green wig. I was going to wear it in the store, but I didn't.

And I'm on the computer at an insane time.

Definitely a day of Unusual (and mostly Pleasant) Events.