Sunday, March 16, 2008

Secret Project

One day, I saw some red wool on sale. It was a lovely color, and very inexpensive, so I decided to buy some.

I do that a lot -buy things I don't need because they're on sale. I have a big ol' blob of white cotton yarn I have no idea what to do with because it was on sale.

But upon consideration of this red wool, I thought to myself "I must needs decide what to make with it before I buy it. Methinks I shall attempt a hooded cloak."

With no pattern, and only a basic idea of how to get the right shape, I began. Many hours, thousands of stitches, and a calloused finger later, my secret project is finished.

The original plan was to felt it, but I like the definition of the stitches so much, I have decided to leave it as it is.

If I were to sell it, I would need to charge around $85.00. I think perhaps I may make another and give it a go.

So, what do you think?

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