Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happenings of Late

Not a lot has been going on ... Teaching, crocheting, laundry... the usual. I had a great babysitting job recently, and I've already been called on for a second time, so that's quite pleasant.

The lack of "reading" in the first sentence has brought to my mind the fact that I really ought to be reading some or other good book. I've been meaning to get started on at least a few the past couple weeks, and I just haven't.

Another random thought: I have been using the word "ought" a lot lately. I don't recall using it so frequently before. And while we're speaking of words, if you really wanted to know the definition(s) of SO, here is the link for you. Quite interesting, and much too long to paste into my rambling blog post. Thanks to those of you who were brave enough to reply. There are so many definitions, I'm sure you at least hit one of the nails on the head. :D

And now for some crafty revelations.
I designed a new hat pattern! WOO HOO! And it turned out right! I thought to myself one morning, "Self, I should like to crochet something new." "So?" said my other self, "what do you have in mind?" "Well, I was thinking of a hat." "A hat? Haven't you already made a bunch of hats?" "Yes. But this time I'm going to make a sort of a cabby hat. I'll invent it as I go." "Oh. Good luck."

Ha ha! I showed me. I was SO thrilled that it turned out the way I wanted! I think I said "Yay! it's the right shape!" like 5 times.

Halfway through the hat, I lost the hook I was using, and switched to a bigger one. And, what do you know! As luck would have it, that size change turned out to be very important for the right sort of shape.

I didn't think it would be noticeable, but it made a difference. I know this, because I tried to make more like it, but used one hook throughout, and they weren't right.

Anyways, I'm proud of my little brain-child hat, and I shall recreate him as soon as I find my other hook.

Another idea of mine, sparked by my cloak:

Gnome baby. hee hee... I have another fairyesque addition to my crocheted stuffs, but I shan't show you just yet. Savin' it for later.

And now I have come to the point where I am sitting, scratching my head, and wondering what else it was that I was going to say. Surely there was something, something more interesting or important than my crafty prowess (lol), that I had planned to tell you. Alas. If there was, I cannot recall it.

Since I've been sitting for quite some time now, trying to think of something else to write, and have come up with nothing, I leave you with this thought:

Anything is possible when you're a child. Take, as proof, this dead-serious statement from Silas. "When I grow up, I'm'onna be Ooby Doo."

Hoping your legs weren't pulled harder than they ought to have been on this unusually warm day of April First, I wish you a happy week.

Love, Me.