Thursday, May 29, 2008


So, I was going to wait to take a shower today until my soap came.
But then, I started feeling pretty yucky... So, I convinced myself that my soap wasn't going to come, and I should just go ahead and shower.
Now I'm all clean and lavendery.
And Benjamin comes in with the mail - two packages for me.
Soap, and notecards.
Of course.

I smelled my soap. Smelled more vanilla than coffee. The creamy stuff on top wasn't as pretty as the picture, but hey. :D
Decided to wash my hands with it. I've always gotta use new stuff as soon as possible. lol
Once it was wet and lathery, the coffee smell came out. And the espresso beans in it feel really nice...
Mmmmm... My hands smell sweet. And I'm taking another shower tonight.

Yay for Soap!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Random Bullets - Relevant Links

  • I got my new shirt yesterday. I would post a picture, but they don't have it in their shop any more. It's a kelly green Love Lets Live tee.
  • I got my foam head yesterday. See?
  • I have an unexplainable fascination with Swahili and French. I love hearing both sung and spoken. Hm... maybe that's why I love the Lion King and Aristocats? lol
  • I'm growing my hair back out! I'm glad but dreading it. I'm gonna have a funky shaped head for quite some time. Look out, headband sellers on Etsy - you're probably going to be seeing me soon.
  • I bought a wig for my foam head. I asked the Etsy community what they thought about the green one, and the general consensus was that the green clashes with the hats.
  • I want to go to the library. I need to make a list of a wide variety of books unexplored, and get out there and explore them. Maybe you could friend me on GoodReads, and share some of your favorites.
  • I don't really have anything else random to say.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I love candy!

I think I love these "Hard Candy" earrings from Tiffany at evanrhett more than I love the real thing, though.

And, get this! My love for them made them mine!
Tiffany posted a giveaway contest at the Etsy forums. Simple rules: Pick your favorite piece from her shop, and explain why you should win it. She said she'd pick a winner or two the following day.

Here is my entry:
Those Hard Candy earrings are my super-most favorite thing in your shop.

I should win them because I am completely in love with them. Yellow is my favorite color. Sunny and bright. Someone once said it's my favorite color because *I'm* sunny and bright. But that's not why I should win them.
Like I said, it's the whole love at first sight thing. As soon as I saw them, I clicked. The yellow pods had me at first glance. I decided to look through the rest of your shop anyways, feeling as though I was betraying my first love. Though all of your work is beautiful, their vivacious, sparkling yellowness called me back. From whence I have come, to express unto you, their creator, my undying love.

It worked! I won. ^.^ And every word was true.
When she announced the winners, I kinda squealed a clapped a little, and of course I said "yay!"... I think that's my catchprase. But anyways, I'm super excited. I was going to buy them if I hadn't won them. lol.

So, there's my exciting story for the day. Now I think I'm off to photograph another pair of slippers... tata!


Monday, May 26, 2008

Random Ramblings of a Miscellanist Mind

Yes, that's the name of my blog.
And now it's the name of this post. Because I wanted to name this post, and couldn't think of anything.

Well, well, looks like I've done it again. It has been a whole 12 days since I blogged last! And so much has happened! I suppose instead of telling you all about it, I'll have to settle for giving you a little peek.

To begin with, Etsy has been huge on my brain lately. I'm up to 32 sales. And I can't stop spending hours looking at vintage dresses, and drooling over handmade soaps.
I just bought a bar of exfoliating cappuccino soap. With real ground espresso beans.
Imagine that! When I start craving a nice cuppa too late at night, I can just go take a shower, and smell like a cuppa. LOL I can't wait for it to get here.

I'm also eagerly awaiting the arrival of my plain jane white foam head. I have some hats that are ready to be listed - they just need a head to sit on for their photo shoots.

Not to mention, I'm pretty excited about the 3 packages sitting beside the door, waiting for me to send them across the US tomorrow morning. ;-)

Check out some of my new stuff:

So, anyways. Now you know about that.

But the MOST exciting thing EVER happened while I've been away from my blog.
Some of my super-bestest friends and I went to Wisconsin.
It's sort of a long story, but we basically all went up to see a girl named Rachel we got to know through online chatting and letters. She was having a huge going away party 2 days before she left to go to China. She didn't know we were coming, and she was SO surprised!
It was great.
Great big hugs to Rae and Becca. I miss you guys.

So, 5 girls and 2 moms in a minivan all weekend... going straight up to the other side of the US. Definitely very interesting. And memorable. I'm going to have to buy a new photo album, and devote the whole thing to pictures of the trip, we took so many. If you'd like to see some, check out my facebook albums.
On the Way
Tour of the Countryside


Sadly, I haven't uploaded the pictures from the party, or the ones from hanging out at the
Rodriguez's house yet. I'll get to it. :) I think those 3 albums should keep you busy for now.
Until I load the others, here are a few favorites (I stole them from other people...):

It was a really amazing trip. Of course, we spent almost 3 days in the van, and only 1 day actually in Wisconsin, but it was totally worth it all around. :D

I'm glad school's out now. I got some pretty great gifts from my little ones. I'm going to miss them. My Julia isn't going to be back next year. She's going to "big school." ... Now I won't get to be Aunt Caitlin anymore! *sniff* I'll be okay.

Hope you're all enjoying your Memorial Day!
Have a great week!
Love, Caitlin

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I've Been Away...

I'm not really sure, but I might have just broken a record here. "The Longest Caitlin has Gone Without Blogging." It's been well over a month. Bad me.

I used to wonder how people could just abandon their blogs. Blogging has been such a huge part of my life for the past couple years, I never thought I would be one of those neglecters. "oh, well... life has just been so busy in the past two months... I'll try to catch up with this thing soon..." and never comes back. Fortunately, I have come back.

The sad thing is, there have been numerous occasions in the past month when I've thought, "Oh! I should blog about that!" But I never have. And now I don't remember what they were. They were probably preschool stories.

Speaking of preschool, I'm ready for summer. I love my class. I love my job. But I really am ready for a break. Since our Spring Break, I've felt pretty out of it. I show up in the morning, and sigh "Ah, Mrs. Barnes! I have no idea what to do today." Then we determine if all else fails, they can color a picture. Unfortunately, most of them don't like to color a whole lot. I usually figure something out. I'm know for my creative genius. lol

This month, I've gotta get Mother's Day stuff together, and prepare them for the little end of the year presentation. I'm gonna play my guitar for them, while they sing "this is my commandment that you love one another that your joy may be full." They love it. On top of that, we have like two birthdays every week this month, which means we're probably going to have an unusual amount of cupcakes and cookies. Oh dear.

In other news, all glory be unto God, who is prospering my humble little Etsy shop. I really didn't think it would ever take off, but I'm up to 18 sales now, and the majority of them have come within the last month. And, then there are 3 custom orders I'm working on at the moment. Everyone I've worked with is so nice, and patient with me. Not like I'm becoming a bajillionaire or anything, but it's exciting to discover that people all over the world like what I make, and want to buy from me. ^.^

Also, Daddy's been feeling a lot more like himself since his last stay in the hospital. Praise the Lord for that, too.

There is so much to thank Him for. It's sad how sometimes we lose sight of how many blessings He's given us. But if we ask him to open our eyes, and let us see how even the things we consider "bad" are blessings, we can truly be overwhelmed with how rich we really are.

With that thought, I'll end this post. I'll try to be a little more faithful in the near future. :) For I do have things to talk about. I always have *something* I can talk about, as those of you who know me are well aware.

And so, I wish you a happy Sunday.