Thursday, May 29, 2008


So, I was going to wait to take a shower today until my soap came.
But then, I started feeling pretty yucky... So, I convinced myself that my soap wasn't going to come, and I should just go ahead and shower.
Now I'm all clean and lavendery.
And Benjamin comes in with the mail - two packages for me.
Soap, and notecards.
Of course.

I smelled my soap. Smelled more vanilla than coffee. The creamy stuff on top wasn't as pretty as the picture, but hey. :D
Decided to wash my hands with it. I've always gotta use new stuff as soon as possible. lol
Once it was wet and lathery, the coffee smell came out. And the espresso beans in it feel really nice...
Mmmmm... My hands smell sweet. And I'm taking another shower tonight.

Yay for Soap!

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  1. Hello! you stopped by my blog and got hungry reading about the bratwurst! I couldn't resist visiting your blog. I see that you're a bit like me. I can never wait to try a new soap when it arrives. Etsy has some great soap makers and I have a favorite. I like blog very much. Its fun and bright! Please visit me again sometime!!!!


YAY! I'm so glad you're leaving a comment. ^.^