Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I love candy!

I think I love these "Hard Candy" earrings from Tiffany at evanrhett more than I love the real thing, though.

And, get this! My love for them made them mine!
Tiffany posted a giveaway contest at the Etsy forums. Simple rules: Pick your favorite piece from her shop, and explain why you should win it. She said she'd pick a winner or two the following day.

Here is my entry:
Those Hard Candy earrings are my super-most favorite thing in your shop.

I should win them because I am completely in love with them. Yellow is my favorite color. Sunny and bright. Someone once said it's my favorite color because *I'm* sunny and bright. But that's not why I should win them.
Like I said, it's the whole love at first sight thing. As soon as I saw them, I clicked. The yellow pods had me at first glance. I decided to look through the rest of your shop anyways, feeling as though I was betraying my first love. Though all of your work is beautiful, their vivacious, sparkling yellowness called me back. From whence I have come, to express unto you, their creator, my undying love.

It worked! I won. ^.^ And every word was true.
When she announced the winners, I kinda squealed a clapped a little, and of course I said "yay!"... I think that's my catchprase. But anyways, I'm super excited. I was going to buy them if I hadn't won them. lol.

So, there's my exciting story for the day. Now I think I'm off to photograph another pair of slippers... tata!


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