Sunday, September 27, 2009



Life is good.
It's hard, and frustrating, and I'm selfish...
But God has blessed me so much, and He is good, and life is good.

I'm sorry I don't have any pictures!

For some reason I had this thought that once summer over, things would gear back down.

But I'm having lots of fun. Church is fun, and hanging out with church friends is fun... and hanging out with Katey and Alicia is fun. We like to get together and go for walks.

It's my last week of working at preschool.

I still miss my bird. **sigh**

Why do I insist on bringing up the sad things at the end?!

ANYWAYS. sorry for the sporadic-ness. Just thought I'd let you know I'm alive and quite well.
And very sad I didn't get any comments on my last post. ;-)

Maybe I should do an etsy giveaway to kick-start getting back into the swing of things. I decided it's time to put forth more Etsy effort since I'm out of a job now. We shall see!

Have a happy week, ok? And if you feel so inclined, leave me a comment about the moment that made you happiest recently.

my recent happy moment: On the way to choir practice this afternoon I had a bottle of Coca-Cola. I love the little smoky swirl of vapor that comes out right when you first open the cap. Never fails to make me happy. :)

Oh, and I finished reading Deception by Randy Alcorn. Good stuffs, that.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oh, the adventures!

We have moved into our new house. Built in 1982, it has some interesting... character flaws?
Moving has been a big ol' pain!! And there's still stuff in the old house, and boxes, boxes, boxes in the new house. However, New House is now pretty homey, and the adjustment has been easier than I thought it would be.

Turns out, *dun dun dun* I am NOT getting to keep my job. It's just not gonna work out. So, I'm very sad. And I cried again. ha! But after moping around and being grumpy for the past two days, I've decided it's of no use. It's not very fun to walk around being a downer all the time. So, I'm resigned to the disappointment, and trusting that other good things will happen. :) Stopping at Quik Trip and getting a latte last night worked wonders, too.

In the meantime, I'm working the rest of this month, and I intend to enjoy it. Much to my dismay, Mrs. Dawn was out this week, so I got to be the leader. Our projects did not get finished, and our Bible stories were rather violently abridged. Maybe violently isn't the right choice of words there... Anyways, it was a tough week. Today involved blood. Child running down hallway trips, plows headlong into corner of water fountain... large gash in forehead... mhm. I have the blood on my shirt to prove it. **points proudly** I forgot to change. lol It's kind of like a battle scar I'm proud of. Poor little dude. He'll have a lovely scar from that one. But isn't it said chicks dig scars?

The past three afternoons have found me at the Old House after work, gathering stuff to take back to the New House. It's creepy in there. All empty and echoey and sad. Forlorn and forgotten... **sniff** It was a good house. I get scared though. Noises make me jump. And everything is louder since it's empty in there. Being alone there in the emptiness is so weird, after living there for so long.

So, I still miss my bird, in case you were wondering. Funny how he'd sort of become ingrained in my thought proccesses. I've caught myself thinking stuff like "I bet Vincent will be glad when all this moving stuff is over" or "where did they move Vincent's cage?" ... And then I remember he's not there. :P

I actually went to the library today to check my blog and update it. Somehow I spent an hour online and never did what I went to do. I'm at the Looneys' house now. I LOVE them being our neighbors!! YAY! We went for a walk together the other night and got to talk about all of our grumpinesses. It was great.

By the way, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is the saddest. movie. ever. Beautiful, but sad.

Quite the sporadic update, this was. You are now in the know. I feel like I'm missing something, but of course I don't know what it would've been.

I need to make myself some new slippers. :)

Have a happy weekend!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Bullets

  • We're moving this weekend!
  • I own three boxes packed full of books!
  • I get to keep my job!
  • Today was the first day of school!
  • I just now found the new, cool earrings I thought I'd lost!
  • Yesterday I finished a fantastically pretty hat.
  • I wore my pretty hat to work today, and I looove it.
  • My French press and I are getting reacquainted.
  • The hairs on my head are now long enough to wear up in a clip!
  • God is so good. All the time.
What are you happy about this week?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

We're moving.
It seems rather sudden. In less than two weeks my family will be living in a house half an hour away from here. Different house. Different city. More people. More traffic. Less trees. Less hills. Less distance between our home and the places we go.

Funny how life works, though. All of a sudden I realize how much I like this house. Our long, gravel driveway. The road we live on. The surrounding woods. Being able to walk from one end of the house to the other in the dark, knowing exactly where everything is (except when there's something unexpected in the middle of the floor!).

But I really am happy that we're moving. It's a good house, and I liked it when we went to see it. It's so much closer to everything than our home "out in the sticks." And, get this: It's on the very same street as our bestest friends in the whole wide world. How cool is that? We've always talked about how cool it would be if we were neighbors, and now we will be! So, it really is pretty exciting.

Dread at having to pack up all of our junk and scour both houses has sort of killed the excitement for the moment, though. Packing is nothing compared to the real joy-killer. What could be worse than packing and cleaning, you ask? It is this:

I can no longer work at the little preschool in town. I'm pretty much devastated about that. (I cried after I called Mrs. Nancy to tell her so.) All summer long I've anticipated going back to work. Back to my sweet boys from last year, back to spending weekday mornings being "Miss Caitlin," reading the same books over and over, repeating playground rules, passing out second helpings of goldfish and reminding little hands that snack is for eating, not squishing.

Last week I spent every morning preparing our room for the first week of school, and now I don't get to be there. So... I'm pretty much heartbroken about that. And people keep saying, "don't worry, there are plenty of preschools where you're going! I'm sure you can get a job there!" But that's not the point. It's not my preschool. I'm sure I can get a new job, and make friends with new teachers, and love a new set of kids, but the point is that I've missed everybody from our smalltown preschool over the summer, and now I don't get to go back to them.

The thought also struck me that I won't be going to the little brick Post Office in town for all of my shipping needs any more. Mr. Bob always asks how business is going, and says I'm their favorite customer. :) The local P.O. where we're moving is bigger and busier.

Lest you think that I'm complaining, let me reassure you! I'm happy we're moving. I think it's a wise move, and will be very beneficial. We'll be so close to everything, best friends included! The house is perfect for us, and getting it just right -like we did with this house- will be a fun process.

I've just been wanting to write a sad post about how I'll miss the people at preschool, and the post office, and the woods, and our road, and being close to Mema's. Now that I've done so, you can expect ... well, I don't know what you can expect. =)

Enjoy the long weekend!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I found a funny picture of my Vincent the other day. (It looks like he's screaming or yawning, but he was probably just bringing up some food from his crop... how boring. lol) Having a bird around was lots of fun, and I definitely want another one.

The thought entered my head that perhaps I should just get a normal little parakeet, but I dismissed the notion almost immediately. After having a parrotlet, a budgie would be so blah. :P Not that I don't like them - as a matter of fact, I was thinking of getting one a couple months ago, but I knew it would make Vincent mad. lol

So, we shall see what happens on the bird front. I'm sure I want another parrotlet (the turquoise ones are so pretty!!), but I don't know when I'll be able to get one. For one thing, I'm trying to save money and I want a new pair of eyeglases. For another, there aren't really any local breeders. But you know I'll keep you updated, whatever happens.

In the meantime, you can enjoy kitten pictures. ;-)

This is a nice flattering shot of them. Spectre's sisters are having allergy problems or something, so their little eyes don't look too swell. Poor dears.

They're only like 5 weeks old, but they've gotten really adventurous. I came bounding up the porch steps the other day and nearly tromped on them! Usually they stay close to the shed they live under, but apparently they're exploring further territory now. After I took this picture, their mom wandered off while they took a little nap.

Crocheting has been sort of a drag since I finished my earflap hat... I want to make something new and cool, but I'm never satisfied with my ideas once I start working on them! However, I did make this pretty wool beret this week. I crocheted as I watched X-Men.

The beret was finished before the movie wasn't over, so I started on these little wristies. Then I finished them during an episode of Star Trek.

So, now you know.

This week at work we're getting everything all set up. Yesterday I washed toys. Today I decorated our bulletin board and door. Yay! Tuesday is Open House and the first day of school is Wednesday. I'm so excited!

Hope you're having a good week, too. :)