Sunday, September 27, 2009



Life is good.
It's hard, and frustrating, and I'm selfish...
But God has blessed me so much, and He is good, and life is good.

I'm sorry I don't have any pictures!

For some reason I had this thought that once summer over, things would gear back down.

But I'm having lots of fun. Church is fun, and hanging out with church friends is fun... and hanging out with Katey and Alicia is fun. We like to get together and go for walks.

It's my last week of working at preschool.

I still miss my bird. **sigh**

Why do I insist on bringing up the sad things at the end?!

ANYWAYS. sorry for the sporadic-ness. Just thought I'd let you know I'm alive and quite well.
And very sad I didn't get any comments on my last post. ;-)

Maybe I should do an etsy giveaway to kick-start getting back into the swing of things. I decided it's time to put forth more Etsy effort since I'm out of a job now. We shall see!

Have a happy week, ok? And if you feel so inclined, leave me a comment about the moment that made you happiest recently.

my recent happy moment: On the way to choir practice this afternoon I had a bottle of Coca-Cola. I love the little smoky swirl of vapor that comes out right when you first open the cap. Never fails to make me happy. :)

Oh, and I finished reading Deception by Randy Alcorn. Good stuffs, that.



  1. Good to hear you're still alive. ;-) I was beginning to wonder... :-) Anyway, my recent happy moments have been relaxing on the baeach. Yes, we're on vacation, and it's great. so are you settling in well at your new home?

  2. My happy moment this weekend was that Matt and Mike camw over to spend the weekend here!!!
    Glad to know ya are still here!!!

  3. I like your happy moment. :)
    Mine for today so far was talking to a super good friend on the phone and having a good life conversation.

  4. I've been a bad subscriber too, it's ok, hahaha.

  5. I'm so glad to hear that the move is complete, and that your "grumpiness" seems to be subsiding. :-) You seem like the type of person who is always able to get to the point where you can see things in a positive light, no matter the circumstances. I love that.

    The most recent moment of bliss occurred yesterday evening for me. I was with my love, riding in the passenger seat on the way to see his mother for her birthday. The sky was really pretty, and I noticed that the leaves were starting to change. Plus I was excited about getting to go hang out with family. I'm a generally happy person anyway, but moments like that sometimes make me feel like I could just explode with happiness.


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