Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Random Bullets - Relevant Links

  • I got my new shirt yesterday. I would post a picture, but they don't have it in their shop any more. It's a kelly green Love Lets Live tee.
  • I got my foam head yesterday. See?
  • I have an unexplainable fascination with Swahili and French. I love hearing both sung and spoken. Hm... maybe that's why I love the Lion King and Aristocats? lol
  • I'm growing my hair back out! I'm glad but dreading it. I'm gonna have a funky shaped head for quite some time. Look out, headband sellers on Etsy - you're probably going to be seeing me soon.
  • I bought a wig for my foam head. I asked the Etsy community what they thought about the green one, and the general consensus was that the green clashes with the hats.
  • I want to go to the library. I need to make a list of a wide variety of books unexplored, and get out there and explore them. Maybe you could friend me on GoodReads, and share some of your favorites.
  • I don't really have anything else random to say.

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