Sunday, March 16, 2008


Really, I have been meaning to post for ages, and just haven't gotten the chance.
I'm finally here.
With pictures.

I really don't know where I left off in my life happenings last time I blogged, but - OH! I just remembered. I meant to blog about visiting Calvary a few weeks ago and I never did. That was 'mazin' fun. Really. Lots of love to all of my Calvary people. I'm sad I didn't have more photos, or better ones. Beth-Dear, I should like to see the ones you got. :D
Me, Ham, and Andrew
Tabitha, Laura, and Becx

Next interesting happening: I colored my hair strawberry blonde. Mama did a great job. Only the people who know me SUPER well said "oh, you dyed your hair!" The other ones all say, "something's different with your hair... I can't tell what, though..?!"

I love it.

I interrupt this irregularly scheduled blogging with a breaking news story.

Cheeseburger's Shortcoming Gets Him Kicked to the Curb

It was an unusual end to a Sunday night for the Butler family. They had been to church, and were on their way home. Tired and hungry, Mr. Butler decided, for the sake of his sanity and satiation, to stop at Checkers and buy cheeseburgers and hot dogs for everyone. Taking advantage of the "69 cent Sunday" deal, they ordered ten cheeseburgers, ten hot dogs, and ten apple pies. Unusual as this was, the story grew stranger.

While waiting for the immense order, something unusual was spotted on the ground beneath the service window. A double with cheese, made unusual due to it's location. Upon hearing that such an oddity had been sighted, all members of the family pressed the member nearest the door facing the burger to open it, for all to see the unfortunate sandwich.

The authorities have nothing to say on the subject, and nobody knows exactly what happened. It is presumed that, in transit to a vehicle, it was simply dropped. Dropped, and left on the pavement to grow old and cold. Perhaps this abandoned burger was rejected, and thrown out the window of an unhappy customer? This picture was taken some time after the actual defenestrating of the burger. It leaves many questions unanswered, one of which being "what happened to the wrapper?"
Stranded on the curb, this burger's future isn't looking so hot.


Week before last was pretty uneventful, I think. Last week was great. The beginning of the week is a blur. Wednesday, we went to the park with the Looneys and other friends of theirs. Laura and I had especially been wanting to meet these friends of Katey and Alicia, so I was super happy to finally have the chance. Laura had to be at school, though. :( She missed out on some amazing tag. Wish I had pics of the game. lol!
Nicholas, on top of the monkey bars.

Famous Matt's hand, Famous Garrett, the most adorable Ryan in the world, Nicholas, and Morgan

Thursday, I had my follow up exam at Dr. Peck's, from whence we determined not even Acuvue Oasys lenses will work for me. This week I'm on another trial pair. It's my last hope, apparently. If these don't work, I'm stuck with glasses for life.

Laura and I were dropped off at Katey and Alicia's that night. We got all dolled up in lightning speed, and were out the door to the HMV concert. The band was great, the jazz band was good (not quite as good as usual), the choir was awesome. It was fun, and afterwards we went to McDonalds. Most of the HMV people did.

There's more to the story, but I'm going to save it until I get a hold on the photos I need for it. ;-)

Once back home at the Looney's house, we crashed.

Friday was a little gloomy, but still fun. In the evening, we had party food for dinner. It was strange, and delicious. Then we watched August Rush. I think we teenage girls were the only ones that enjoyed it. I love it. So there.

Everyone went to bed while Laura, Alicia, and I stood outside for about 15 minutes just watching the amazing lightning. It was indescribable. Id never seen anything like it. Brilliant, silent flashes of light, illuminating the stormy clouds from behind. I know I overuse the word "awesome," but this really was one of those awe-inspiring experiences.

Then we killed the awe by going inside. Laura, Katey, Sheesh and I watched Red Eye - a pretty good suspense movie. Then we went to bed.

Saturday morning was good. We went home at noon, then went to babysit for the church drama at 5. Got home at 11. Ate too much cotton candy. Went to bed far too late, after staying up even after I told Beth-Dear I was going.

It was so good to go to Sunday School this morning! I'm going to scan my notes. I meant to tonight, but I forgot. We always start late. We technically begin at 9:45, but our lesson never starts until 10:15. We take our time getting settled in, and doing prayer requests. From 9:45 to 10:15, I was the only girl in a room full of guys. I felt a little small and alone. And amused. And I was very, very happy when Anna Leigh came in. lol! We learned about water bottles. (I'll show you later.) Never know what Phillip's gonna talk about.

This afternoon has been nice, too. Laura, Abby, and I went to Mema's house for a little while, and just relaxed. I finished up my secret project this evening. I was going to show you all tonight, but this post is so long already, it, too, shall have to wait until another time. Here's a picture, though.

you don't know what it is, do you?
(family members, shush.)

Wow. That was a lot of text.
Maybe I shouldn't wait forever, and then bog you all down with a huge post. But it's better than not posting at all, and leaving you all hanging clueless, right?
Right. ^.^
I wish you all a happy week, and a very green St Patrick's day.

Love, Caitlin

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