Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Define it. Without looking at a dictionary, or searching anything. Somebody reply and tell me, in your own words, what "so" means.
I was thinking about it on the drive home today. It's such a short word, and used so often.

For example:
"So, what did you think of that movie?"
"Well, ... it was so-so..."
"Yeah. I don't like that actor anyways. His hair is so outdated."
"So what. I mean, yeah... it was a little unusual, but so was the whole story."

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. lol, i dunno what "SO" means. Thats a good question. Oh no! The fishie broke?! Did the earrings break? The cellphone charm was the first i did. I*m gonna make ya another 1! I*m sowwie :( Let me know if ya find out what "SO" means :D


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