Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Day of Unusual Events

The Day of Unusual Events
It all started Thursday, around 12 AM. I decided I might get up when my daily 6:30 alarm went off, even though I didn't have to. (that was Unusual)

I didn't get up. (that was usual)

After waking up, and returning to my slumber, I had a terrible dream. It was very unusual. And I hope it disappears from my memory.

I got a letter from Katey.

In the afternoon, I sniffed and smiled at many foreign fruits and vegetables at the Dekalb Market.

I ate some lamb. And a mango. And one little piece tofu. And one little prune.
I'd never had lamb or prunes before. I may have eaten 3 mangoes in my life.

I spent our entire trip at SAM's club riding in a shopping cart. I just hopped in, and expected my mother to tell me to get out, but she didn't. She just pushed me around the store while we shopped. She said I'm light. I haven't ridden in a shopping cart in years. Some guy walking past grinned and did a triple double-take.

I took the acoustic guitar on display, tuned it, sat down, and played it, while my mother shopped for a computer.

Some lady walked up and asked if I was Janice. She showed me my driver's license. It's a funny feeling when somebody who doesn't know you knows your unused first name, and is holding your license. An associate had taken mama's cart away, assuming it had been abandoned. My purse was in it. That nice other associate decided to walk around the store, and look for me. I hadn't heard her calling on the intercom because I don't usually respond to "Janice," and I was playing the guitar at the time.

I purchased and wore a bright green wig. I was going to wear it in the store, but I didn't.

And I'm on the computer at an insane time.

Definitely a day of Unusual (and mostly Pleasant) Events.

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  1. haha!! i love it!! I*m glad ya had fun! hehe i like to crawl into the shopping cart when me & my boyfriend go somewhere. When he turns i make noises like the tires are squealing :D then he puts the brakes on it. & I go "Skurrt"


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