Thursday, February 28, 2008

More Randomness, Anyone?

I was going to do a couple pictures this time, but the camera cord seems to have disappeared again. We can't find it. So... that's out.

I just got back from taking Vincent for a drive. We took Laura to be picked up for a babysitting job. Vincent loves riding. :-D He freaked out when we left without Laura. It was funny. We share taste in music, Vincent and I. How many girls do you know who ride down the highway, windows rolled down, rocking out to some bluegrass, and pausing to ask a little green bird how he likes it? Right. ;-)

quotes from the week:

"Miss Caitlin, I fell down. **makes sad face and sticks booty out** please kiss it. Kiss my butt." I nearly died. "no, Harley! You'll be fine. I'm not kissing it. Go play!" Harley is 2. She didn't realize there was anything odd about her asking, but she thought my reaction was hilarious. I made her laugh. :-P

"Miss Caitlin! I need a kleenex." ... "Miss Caitlin, I need a kleenex!" ... "It's okay, Miss Caitlin, I don't need a kleenex anymore. I just wiped it on my hand." -3 year old Carly

"Why are you wearing a necklace on your teeth?" -3 year old Christian

"Popsicle sticks! -no talking- Let's roll!" -Me ... I find myself saying some weird stuff sometimes.
Be a Popsicle stick means stand straight, and keep your hands by your side, but it struck me funny when I said that, leading my line down the hallway.

"I like your sweater, Miss Caitlin." ... "Why aren't you wearing a necklace today?" - 3 year old Jackson. Take a lesson, guys. lol

To follow up on the last post, my father has, indeed, succumbed to the illness. My mother is recovering, and we're all going to be coughing for a looong time. And I smell chocolate chip cookies in the oven.

And a totally uninteresting and pointless statement: I like everything in my closet, but I find myself looking matronly more often than not. I think I need a new wardrobe. I also need to ditch my glasses. It's a problem that I have short, curly hair, wear glasses, and love sweaters. I end up looking like a librarian or school marm. :-| Yesterday, I wore this shirt over a collared, button up black shirt (which happens to have stripes the same colors as the letters on the shirt), and it looked very cool. Every time I looked in the mirror, I was like "hey! I don't look like an old person! I kinda look young and cool" You know there's something wrong. I shouldn't look young and cool only occasionally. **grumpy face**

Anyways. So, maybe this post was exceptionally girly. Oh well. ^.^
Have a happy day!

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