Saturday, February 2, 2008

And So, My Love

Okay, so the title was irrelevant.

My apologies. :D

Today I had my first car accident. Trees can be so inconsiderate sometime.
I was leaving this morning to take Laura to the chiropractor, and as I was backing into the driveway, I heard this "screee!" Not good. It was the tree that I had forgotten about. It screamed at me. I finished backing out, moaning "oh, no, nonono, please no!" then hopped out to survey the damage. A nice round, dinner-plate sized dent, accented with some long scratches, flaked paint, and a little touch of tree bark to top it off. Why couldn't the tree have yelled BEFORE I hit it?! But hit it I did. And I think my parents took it rather well. And I'm very apologetic, I assure you. **sigh** And, y'all, I was SO paranoid the rest of the day. The curbs and parked cars just seemed to be coming at me.

But I got over it, and Laura and I went to the chiropractor's office, where she got an adjustment while I caught up with the life of David Copperfield. Poor David's been feeling neglected the past 3 days. And I still only read about a chapter. I'll try and make it up to him tomorrow. Oh, wait. Tomorrow I need to figure out what I'm doing for preschool next week.

Anyways. Stopped by the bank. Got mixed up on the way out, as usual. I don't like one way roads much. Then we went to Cato, where I drooled over the clearance shoes, but didn't buy any. I wonder if it was God-ordained that none of the boots I liked were in my size... After Cato, we headed off to Michael's so I could use my gift card, and whatever other moneys I saw fit. It took me about 40 minutes to choose 18 dollars worth of yarn. I have a super cool project in mind, but that remains to be seen to. The last super cool projects I had in mind didn't come out the way I wanted them to in real life. Gr. BUT! that's not what I'm talking about.

Upon leaving Michael's, we headed to the Starbucks, where I proceeded to park on the other end of the parking lot for no apparent reason. I somehow didn't see the main parking spot. But... yeah. We already knew I was having vision problems today. But a couple yards walk is no big deal. So. I had a latte. And it was good. And if you want to know what I think, I'll tell you: I think Starbucks is overrated. Overrated. Ha! But I still like to go there. :-) So there. And it always makes me think of Sarah now.

On the way home, we stopped by Katey's house to drop off her camera. She let me borrow it. I crocheted a nifty little case for it, and so returned it arrayed in such fine apparel as it had never seen the likes of. She didn't know. It's a surprise. She told me to keep it in a sock since she misplaced the case, but I wanted my sock back. So, I fixed the problem.

Got home, searched for patterns for my cool project. I know I browsed through at least 40-something pages of Google. Nothing really useful, so I pulled out some of my new yarn and started on a pair of slippers I've been meaning to make for ages. I just finished them an hour ago. Seriously, I am pretty sure I worked on them nonstop from about 4 to 10, except for eating dinner. How in the world did they take that long? That's 3 hours per slipper. ... But I didn't do anything else! Maybe I was working slow. I thought I was working fast. Whatever. They're completely finished, and rather cute, if I do say so myself!

And now, my friends, here I am, eating celery with peanut butter-cream cheese-honey dip. Every now and then, a celery stick gets a dip of ranch dressing for a change. I'm sure you would have felt quite incomplete without knowing that, therefore I strongly felt I should inform you. ...Actually, no, I didn't. I just enjoy rambling.

This post is insanely long; short posts are much too difficult for me.
I think my journal is jealous. ;-)

Have a lovely Whatever Day it Currently Is,
Princess Caitlin


  1. I concur with your opinion of Starbucks. Very overrated.

  2. i 2nd the starbucks notion. I love Caribu Coffe.MmMmMm Hot Apple Blasts..Although it*s 72*! aww, those crazy screaming tree's, it should have said something before you hurt it & your car.


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