Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Progress Report

Did I ever tell you I love my job?
I've switched classes, and I still love my job.
It feels amazing to walk into a room, and have little, upturned faces light up when they see you.

"Miss Caitlin, are you gonna be our new teacher? Forever?"
"Yeah... something like!"
"Oh! ...For ALL OF THE DAYS?!"
Yes, Avery. For all of the days.

So far, the 3 year old class has been great. Of course, it could just be luck - they haven't all been there at once. So, we'll see how it is with all of them soon. Hopefully it won't be more trouble. Although I've come to understand that it usually is. But they all like me pretty well, and we have lots of fun.

I'm not always patient and sugary, though.

"Miss Caitlin, I can't seeeee!!"
"Yes you can. I know you can. Be quiet and let me read."

"Miss Caitlin, I don't want these crackers."
"I don't care. Just leave them."

"AAAAAH! he pushed me!"
"No he didn't. You'll get over it. Go play."

**random noise in general**
"Augh! What is up with you guys?! CHILL!"

But they don't seem to like me any the less for it.

Went out on the playground today. (oh, blessed playground!)
Jessica and the two year olds were out, too. Hayden (who pretty much loved me and didn't like Jessica this year) grinned SO big when he saw me. Jessica said she wanted me back. lol She was probably going crazy by herself in there. She had been worried about Hayden since I wasn't there, but she said he did great! So proud of him. Without really any reason to be. Haha!

When my babies left the playground, they stopped at the gate, and wouldn't go to the door. Jessica said "Miss Caitlin, they're trying to tell you to come in with us!" The sweet little dears. Yesterday, Ben came over to the 3's class, gave me a hug, and said "Now come back to your class!"

I'm SO happy I still get to be with them on Thursday. And it's extra nice that the Thursday class was my favorite anyways, right? :D Yay!

How cool is this? I'm having a blast, feeling loved and needed, playing with little kids, and getting paid for it.


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  1. aww!!! They're so sweet!! I*m still trying to figure out your earrings. lol you wouldnt think that it would be this hard. You could go by best buy or radioshack to get a USB cord. then again, i wouldnt know any of this if it wasnt for the boyfriend. :P


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