Monday, January 21, 2008

Tough Decision

Most of you know I work at the church-run preschool in town.
My mom teaches the 3 year old class, and I assist in the 2 year old class.
I love, love, love my job. I get to see my adorable boys 4 days a week. (The girls are cute, too....) I love the kids. We have lots of fun, when they're not being crazy, and Jessica and I aren't being impatient. Which isn't quite as frequent as I'd like for it to be, but anyways. Point is, I love my job.

But my dear mother is having to quit hers.
And everyone seems to think that I would be the best substitute. Pretty much everyone has suggested it already. And you know, I agree with them.
I know her ways, I would be capable. I'm acquainted with the kids, and I'm pretty well equipped to handle it. Mama talked to our boss tonight, and she does plan on offering me the position.
Problem is, I don't WANT to teach her class! I don't really like her kids. I love mine.
3 year olds.... They're not horrible, but I like my babies better.
If I take her position, which is only 3 days a week, I'll probably still get to work with Jessica on the 4th day. -which is nice... I'd also be making more than 20 dollars more per week. -which is also nice.

But I just don't want to. I like my class! **pouty face**
But I feel like I ought to.
Like it would be the right thing to do.
But I don't want to!


I haven't posted in forever, and now my poor decision making skills are what drives me to blog again.

Anyways, I'd love it if you guys would just say a short prayer for me - a little note from God that says "okay, Caitlin., just do this." would be nice. Like I said, I feel like I ought to take the position. ... I just don't wanna. I don't think it would make me miserable, I'm just comfortable where I am.

Now. I've posted, and have nothing further to say on this topic, and nothing pressing to say on any others. It is my bedtime, ergo my departure.

Princess Caitlin

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