Sunday, February 24, 2008

Because I Want To

I just felt like blogging, so here I am.
Nothing cool to say...
But I'll show you this super awesome dress and tiara I just found.
Well, I thought they were cool, anyways. I wouldn't wear them, though. At least not for my own wedding. Guinever's cool and all, but I don't want to be her.

So. Yeah. In case you were wondering, I'm still sick. In case you didn't know I'd been sick... yep. And now everyone is sick. Except Daddy. I'm sure he will succumb soon. If you're wondering what we're sick with, it's that same nasty flu thing that everyone has been getting lately. Starts with a terrible fever for about 3 days, then you feel like a coughing, congested zombie for another whole week or more. We've watched a lot of movies and a lot of Stargate in the past week. Yay. And my sweet Daddy just folded the mountain of laundry that has accumulated whilst the laundry-doer has been out of comission. (that's me.) I love my Daddy. And I miss the outside world. Although I have had to run a few errands, and I still managed to make it to work. Augh. That wasn't any fun. Aaanyways. No more whining. I'll turn the subject as soon as I come back with a nice mug of herbal tea with honey.

In other news, You know, I can't really think of any other news. The orthodontist wants me to have a couple of teeth out. Yes, that was random. We can call it random blog night. He wants to take out the teeth behind my canines to help fix my overbite. And I guess we'll have my wisdom teeth out while we're at it. Dunno when that'll happen. Sometime, I guess.

More pleasant news. I finally finished reading David Copperfield! Hoorah! Loved it. The ending made me happy. I loved it. I already said that. Oh well. GAH I wish I could write like Dickens!! So good. It was a very sweet story. A feeling narrative with intriguing characters, and lots of different story lines running at once, in and out and through each other. And Dickens' characteristic fog and gloom over the whole thing, lit with brilliant sarcastic wit.

Ouch. Burnt my tongue. Tea still too hot.

So. I'm following American Idol again this year. We'll see how that goes. I have a confession to make. I like the guys better so far. **shrugs** Maybe it's just because guys are cooler in general. But I definitely have some favorites with the girls. The right ones were voted off already. I'll try to keep from doing my Randy Jackson impersonations. I was reading back on my Xanga from a couple years ago, and I was astounded at my immature fandom. Okay, so I wasn't that bad... It was fun, though. I like being silly sometimes, yo.

Vincent has been feeling pretty neglected lately. And I haven't done any photo posts lately. I meant to, a while back, but never did. I was gonna show you the stuff I'd been crocheting. Oh well. At least you got to see a wedding gown and a tiara in this one, right?

I reckon that's enough random rambling for tonight. I commend you if you got through it all. Please commemorate this moment by leaving a comment. :-D Or not.

Have a happy life!
love, me


  1. lol I*m glad your feeling better. my mom had the flu but dad didnt get it, he hardly ever gets sick - unless its his diabetes. You should post the pictures, I*m nosey i wanna see! :O) that cheese is no joke lol it*s goooooooood.

  2. thanks for the comment on my business card..hehe theyre all different sizes :P


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