Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kateys can be Devious Too

After the HMV concert on Thursday night, lots of us crowded on over to the nearest Mc Donald's. After waiting an INSANE amount of time for iced coffee, pies, and fries, we cool people headed to the tables in the play area - away from all the crazy ones. Had to keep our serious and mature selves away from the influences, you know. We had way too much fun.

There was a "Kateys" table, and a "youngers" table. Katey Looney, Katie Wise, and Caiti Butler are a very cool trio, if I do say so myself. We're all oldests, and we each have an awesome sister as next-in-line. Alicia, Laura, and Sara all sat at their own table. And Marilyn, too. But she doesn't have an older sister named Katey. She's still a good person.

As for Katie and I ... Well... We're devious. And we've rubbed off on Katey.
Because of us, Katey knows the macarena. Because of us, Katey no longer runs out of the room when someone mentions *gasp!* a boy. Because of us, Katey has already found a wedding dress, and (**horrors!**) even likes to talk about plans for our future weddings.

Discussing the above points (as well as others - such as the guy over there wearing a pink shirt with a camo hat... ) over iced coffee and hot apple pie, we naturally came to a point where a picture was necessary.

And so, here it is.
Katie and I trying to look devious.
Katie doesn't even have to try. lol

Marilyn, Sara, Laura, and Sheesh - the Younger Sisters
Katie and Katey looking at pictures from the ball I missed.

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