Monday, December 15, 2008

Life Lesson Monday

This one is in a little different format from the others, mostly because I can't think of anything story length. :)

Lessons Learned in Recent Days

From my S.S. class Christmas ice skating outing:
  • Pointy heeled shoes leave funny little holes behind you when you walk in the grass. (aerating?)
  • If you eat at the Olive Garden with a bunch of your friends, everyone had better be prepared to share. (hey, um... can I taste that?)
  • Don't wear high heeled boots to choir practice if the leader is going to make you stand the whole time. (not that I knew ahead)
  • Counting and talking simultaneously results in errors. (if you're crocheting, you'll probably end up having to pull out a couple rounds.)
  • Provided with the right sort of company, you can still have fun if your ice skating party doesn't include ice skating. (and especially if it includes starbucks)

And one from preschool:

  • Even cute dinosaurs can become scary in the hands of small children. (mostly 2 year old boys)

So. That was the best I could come up with for now. **sigh**

It's better than nothing, right? :D At least you know I've been having fun!


  1. Ahhh but pointy heeled boots look so cute! And that's all that really matters. ;-)

  2. You didn't miss life lessons...good! Can you actually ice-skate? I can't very well. Maybe something exciting will happen to prepare you for next Monday! Love you!


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