Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas cheer, anyone?

Yay for Christmas! I'm so excited. It's almost here!!!
I've felt rather Christmasy for most of December. That's been lots of fun, especially with all the fun things I've been doing. Like our non-skating skating trip. That was a blast.
A couple of us broke off from the group and tooks some pictures with the gigantic tree in Atlanta.

I almost had a whole paragraph here about different stuff from that night, but it wasn't turning out like I wanted it to, so I cut it. I'll move on.

My business cards came, but not until after the Christmas rush of packages had been sent off. But it was so exciting to finally get them that it didn't much matter they were later than I hoped for.
I got a nifty little key ring holder so's I'll always have some with me. There are 43 different pics. Which means this photo only shows some of the awesomeness. ;-)

Back to more Christmasy things though: shopping! I've done way more shopping lately than I have in... likely ever. I think I spent around 65 dollars in Claire's alone in the past month or so. Blast all those sales and discounts! :D But most of it was Christmas presents. And, I say, I believe I'm quite done spending for some time now. Lack of funds aside, I think I've actually had enough shopping this month. Time to be saving. ... heh. Anyways, here's a pic from one of our shopping excursions.Do we look alike to you? I'm not seeing any resemblance. I think Alicia and I look more like sisters than my own sister and me.

Also fun was the church's roller skating fellowship. Not very eventful, but fun. I fell twice.
It was because I couldn't figure out how to stop, or how to get around the wall of people that was suddenly in front of me. I don't have any pictures from that, which is probably good. :D

Then there's choir practice, which I enjoy, as usual. The Christmas stuff is fun, but all of a sudden I feel like I don't know how to sing any of this stuff we've been working so hard on for weeks. I was oddly clueless during Thursday's practice for lots of stuff that I thought I had memorized. Bleh. BUT! There is hope! We have practice again tomorrow, and we're bound to start off on a good note - how can you not when coffee and donuts are provided? Exactly. (I don't want to hear anything from you coffee haters. **cough**Becca**cough**)

We had our little Christmas party at preschool Thursday morning. We made little christmas ornaments and picture frames for the mommies and daddies, and then had a super-extravagant snack with lots of apple slices and cheese puffs. I forgot to take the camera, of course. I was gonna show you pics, but they'll have to wait til another day - I ran out of time!

AND! My wonderful aunt and uncle and cousins are coming up for Christmas! How sweet is that!

To top everything off, the excitement won't end at Christmas. My dearest friends in the Whole Wide World are planning a New Year's Eve bash that I've been looking forward to since last year.

What are you doing this Christmas season? Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, I hope you're enjoying it as much as I am. :) Even if your Christmas season isn't full of optimistic sparkles, warm fuzzies, and christmas cheer in general, may God give you the eyes to see all the blessings around you. We have so much to be thankful for!!


  1. Love, love, love the new post!!!

    All the pictures are totally awesome! :)

    And no, you and Laura don't look anything alike. Mom couldn't believe it when I told her you two are sisters! :D

    yuk, with the coffee thing. but, I love you anyway! Aren't I sweet? :D lol

    Merry Christmas, girl!!! <3 <3 <3

  2. awe you are too cute!

    we have a skating rink here, its so tiny and sad. but I guess its good for the kids! My hubby and I walked down to see it last week, and kids were throwing snowballs, it was fun.

    last night i had the plans of cleaning the house, but i ended up decorating and cuttin cardboard up into a little house scene, i might post it on my blog this week sometime.

    now that im taking a break from creating for the shops, i am creating things for myself. Its nice :)

    hope you have a merry merry happy lovely wonderful christmas my dear!

    ps. love the new bizcards!

  3. love your pics!! AWEOME business cards!!! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  4. The business cards turned out so nice! I enjoyed your can be sure I'll always be reading along! :-)

  5. Awesome! Aww, it sounds like you guys had an awesome time. Your business cards look fantastic! Where did you get them? Dont ya love hanging out with your family? We had our Christmas last night at my granny's. & you guys do look a like :)

  6. heh! I forgot to tell you earlier..duhh. i gave you an award! Woohoo


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