Monday, November 3, 2008

Lessons from the Life of Caitlin

Monday is now Life Lessons day. (insert applause)
Every Monday, I will be sharing with you something I have learned from experience. And, please, this is Caitlinesque, don't expect anything too deep. Maybe I should start doing one serious post a week, too, or something.

But anyways, I'm not really liking my title for this weekly installment. I want it to be catchy... What do you think?

So! Life Lesson for Week #1:

~Strawberry shampoo does not taste as good as it smells~
It's true. As a matter of fact, it tastes pretty darn nasty. It just doesn't make sense for something to smell so amazing, and not be palatable.

As a small child, I loved strawberry shampoo. Oh, it smells so yummy. I knew I shouldn't taste it, because it wouldn't be good. I'd accidentally tasted soap before, and it was nasty. Then, someday when I was relatively older, quite old enough to resist the temptation (but not recently... I don't remember when), I just had to see what it did taste like. I knew it wouldn't be good. And it was nasty. Of course.

But now I know. And now you know.
No matter how good it smells, don't taste the strawberry shampoo.
And since I couldn't find a picture of Little Me taking a bubble bath, here's a picture of me looking scary in a floaty suit.


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