Monday, November 17, 2008

Life Lesson Monday

Check the roses for bugs before you go "drinking them in."

"I stopped by the barrens and picked these Mayflowers; I came through Violet-Vale; it's just a big bowlful of violets now -- the dear, sky-tinted things. Smell them, Marilla -- drink them in."

Marilla sniffed obligingly, but she was more interested in Anne than in drinking violets."

-Anne of the Island (L.M. Montgomery)

Once upon a time there was a vase of roses. We had cut them fresh from our rosebush, placed them in water, and set them on the dining room table, where they could be enjoyed. And enjoy them I did, until the incidence inspiring this life lesson.

Oh, they smelled so pretty! I paused to really focus on them, to truly appreciate their delicate scent.
Leaning forward, nose almost touching the frail, red petals, I inhaled deeply. Very deeply.
Then I ran shrieking to get a tissue.

Stupid tiny bugs.
In case you were wondering, it is a little unnerving to have a nose full of minuscule insects.
And I'm very sorry I don't have a picture of the incident.

Instead, here's a nice photo I took of a floral arrangement.

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