Monday, November 10, 2008

Life Lesson Monday

If you get dizzy easily, you probably shouldn't yell for the guys to spin the merry go round faster.

It's true. You might end up feeling sick for an hour or two.

Swinging on a playground swing makes me dizzy. I should have known.
But I hadn't so much as seen a merry go round for years, so instead of thinking, I climbed on. Holding tight, I waited for that feeling I remembered as a child. The exhilaration of spinning faster than you think possible, the pull of the centrifugal force,
the crazy, giddy swirl of colors and sounds.
But we weren't going fast enough. The girls just weren't cutting it.
Summons the strapping young men! I recall issuing a command to spin us faster.
And they did.
And then I remembered the feelings that come shortly after the exhilarating part.
The terrifying dread of being flung to the ground, of closing your eyes tightly,
shutting out the spinning images, and praying you won't be sick.

I believe I yelled something to the effect of, "please, stop this thing NOW or I'm going to be sick!"
It seemed to take ages for things to stop swirling, and I felt very sick and out of sorts for quite some time afterwards. I think my brain was addled. Haha...

So, now you know. And reliving the moment has made me feel yucky.
May you learn from my mistake.


  1. ROTFL!
    Sorry, I know this wasn't supposed to be funny - and it was at the time, but I busted up laughing when I read this post. :D
    I did feel bad when you and Bekka looked so sick though... :'(

    But all this pics of you on the merry-go-round are highly hilarious. :D LOL

  2. haha!! What a funny life lesson. :)

    The pictures are super cool!!

    And I don't think I ever mentioned this to you, but I noticed on your profile that you're a homeschool graduate and so is my husband. :) But he's in his 30's so NO ONE his age was homeschooled besides him. haha!


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