Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Things!

I finally got caught up on custom orders, so I've been able to do a little creating lately! Hooray!
I went to Michael's and bought 3 new colors for scarflings. Red, green, and blue.
I made two red ones and a green one already. Haven't gotten to the blue yet.
So pretty!
Yesterday I whipped up this lovely black beanie from that big ole bunch of yarn I bought and haven't used yet. I guess I've been scared to use it because it's wool. I like washable things, and I have no idea how to take care of wool. It says hand wash and lay flat to dry. But what if something terrible happens? What if you drop your gorgeous wool hat in a mud puddle? What then?!

Anyways, Today I finished this gorgeous green scarfling. It turned out shorter than the red one, even though it's the same number of stitches. I guess it wanted to be original.

I enjoy taking the photos. I'm not an expert, but I generally like how they turn out. Of course, I usually take at least 50 shots of one thing just to get 5 to post on Etsy.
Oh, and did you know that it's hard to tie a headband around a foam head wearing a wig? Really. It's harder than it ought to be. It has no ears, so placement is a little hard, and then the stupid wig wants to slip around, and the hair won't look right... It took forever to get the thing adjusted.

I also took pics of some blue slippers to make a listing for custom ones. And ALL of my slipper pics turned out bad. This was the best one. I had to adjust the color a lot, and then the background turned out super-funky-neon-green. That's not how it's supposed to be! Guess I'll try again. Whatever!
You know what?
This post seems really boring to me.
Maybe you will like it.

And if you don't, let me know, and I'll post one of those survey-question thingies that I filled out this evening. Although that's probably not any more interesting.

Oh! I just made a sale while I was typing this! Cool.
Have a happy day. :)

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