Thursday, July 17, 2008

These are a Few of my Favorite Things

I've been browsing Etsy this morning, as I do most mornings, and I thought it would be fun to put together a little treasury of my own, featuring items from my favorites.

I added these to my favorites the other day.
They're not the only set of yellow vintage mugs in my favorites.
I love yellow. I love coffee mugs. I love vintage. How can I help it?

Now are these earrings cool or what? Permanent origami butterflies.
They're beautiful, unique, and colorful. So cool.

Do you know what I would make with this amazing wool?
Neither do I.
Probably a beret. They're my new "thing." I've made 6 the past 3 weeks.
But get this- it's dyed with Kool-Aid.

GreyBrocket is easily my favorite seller on Etsy. Which is really sad, because as of yet, I haven't bought anything from her. But I haunt her shop continually. She recently added a whole collection of neat screenprinted stuff to her assortment of amazing vintage goodies.
I think this bag is my absolute favorite out of everything I've ever seen in her shop.
It's yellow, and it has a bird.
Happiness in the shape of a bag.

I don't think I even need to say anything about this pair of earrings.
A (good) picture is worth a thousand words.

Orange vintage hoodie!! YAY!

Okay, so this is actually one thing in my favorites that I will never buy.
I just couldn't justify buying a cute pillow.
But I can't help loving it.

These mugs were feeling left out, so I decided to include them, too.
They're also from GreyBrocket.

I'm in love with this ring. Really.

Okay, I stumbled across these one day and had to add them.
I just realized they would be perfect for embellishing my kool-aid yarn berets!

And so, there you have a ton of my favorites in no particular order. I'm pretty sure my favorite colors and animals are reflected quite clearly in this lovely little list.
Please do not buy any of these things unless you're buying them for me.

Just kidding.


  1. Thanks for including my mugs...they really are so darling. I LOVE your little treasury...keep it know my eyes will be looking for it:)

  2. Ooh...Love that pillow! That's a favorite fabric print of mine! :)

  3. Great treasury! All the items you selected were awesome, now i want them to! I also love those Permanent origami butterflies!!! How cute are they!


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