Monday, July 14, 2008


Speaking of highlights, my hair has lightened up rather a lot since I dyed it. Which sort of disappoints me, but oh well.

But that was just an aside thought. I'm actually here to
tell you about the highlights of the past few days.

Let's see. Well. Today Laura and I went to Publix. On our way, we were talking about how we forgot to tip the pizza guy Saturday night. He was a nice pizza guy, and he had way awesome dreads, and he deserved his tip. But I called in the payment on the phone, and completely forgot to tip him. Which made me feel absolutely dreadful. The pizza place is next to Publix, so we were saying wouldn't it be nice of us to go in and leave him a couple dollars. But I decided I didn't feel bad enough about it to just walk into a store and say, "here's some tip money for the guy with the dreadlocks... I forgot to tip him the other day... so, could you give it to him?" (What were the chances of him actually being there, right?)

So, we went to Publix, remembered everything on the list but the cream of chicken soup we needed for dinner, and headed home. I drove around the back of the store to leave. It's faster that way. Some guy putting boxes in a dumpster looked at me like I was crazy. And as we passed the back of the pizza place, lo and behold! "Hey, stop!" Laura and I said simultaneously. "It's the pizza guy!" "Quick, do you have money?" I stopped the car, and Laura frantically dug out some money. I snatched it from her, saying "quick, I think he's leaving!" and hopped out of the car. "Hey, wait!" I yelled to the startled pizza guy, who was getting is his car. He turned around. "Hi. You delivered our pizza the other night, and I forgot to tip you. So, here you go." He grinned and said thanks, and we left.

And I really don't care if you think it's silly - I believe God put that pizza guy in the right place at the right time so that we could give him his tip. I felt bad about forgetting it, and so God helped me out. Hopefully it brightened that guy's day. And I sure wish I knew his name just so I wouldn't've had to write "pizza guy" so many times.

I know pretty well how to make a short story long, don't I?

Saturday morning we all went to the park. Uncle Guy pushed Alli in the stroller, the girls had their roller blades, and Laura, Aunt Cindy, and I just walked. It was a nice, enjoyable walk. We got to the mile marker, and knew it was time to turn around. The girls were getting tired, and a storm was rolling in. After unsuccessful attempts at placing a bet on who could get to the car first, Uncle Guy declared that whoever ran the mile back fastest would win 50 dollars. Laura dropped out quickly, because she'd already been running. So it was just me and Aunt Cindy. And it didn't take long for my legs to start burning. We jogged, by the way. There's no way we could have full out run the mile.

We got close to the end, and the finish was in sigh. I seriously thought my legs were just going to stop. Aunt Cindy's a good coach, though. Very encouraging. We weren't too far from the water station that marked the end of the mile when she yelled "Now I'm gonna beat your booty! woo hoo!" and went into high gear. And then I realized, there's no way I was going to put my poor dear legs and lungs through that torture and not win. So I ran ahead and won. Yay me! Now I have 50 dollars. And I know that I'm capable of jogging a mile without stopping. That's something I haven't done before...

It was pretty neat though, because I honestly didn't think I *could* run anymore. And somehow I did. Hooray!

See? Another really short story dragged out into 3 paragraphs.

What else? ... We went swimming in a big fancy shcmancy, really nice hotel pool Sunday. That was cool.

...Um... Laura and I made sure to be online for Daniel Gardner's live broadcast today. Funny stuff there. If you're not familiar with Daniel Gardner, check out some of his videos on youtube or the website : You don't have to like them, but I rather enjoy his random sense of humor.

In other news... I'm suffering from perpetual hunger. I think I'm going to have to get a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats before I go to sleep or something. I always have weird dreams, so it doesn't matter if I eat before bed or not.

I registered for the Prayer Advance this week. That's happy. Except for having to pay the late registration fee. :)

I thought I would share with my dear sisters these wise tips from my uncle.

"When you have a husband, your main purpose in life is to NOT move his stuff. And don't try to change him."
"Once you get married, don't try to kill your husband."

*nods head sagely*

And so, I leave you now.
Have a good week.


  1. Thanks for being part of the live broadcast Princess Caitlin!

  2. Sounds like you are having a marvelous time! When are you coming over to see us?

    Well, all of you can come LOL!!!!


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