Monday, July 21, 2008

In Other News...

That's one of my favorite blogging phrases. In other news...

Laura and I are going home tomorrow. I'm ready to go. I didn't think I would be, actually, but I am. Especially since we were at home very little for the three weeks before we came. I miss my family, and my crazy bird.

So, yesterday Laura, Aunt Cindy, and I had our serious girl-time. We talked on our way to the mall, then we did some shopping, and then we had dinner at P.F. Chang's.

Shopping was great. I got two really cute shirts, and an amazing pair of pants at Old Navy. Only, they're way too long even when I wear my tallest shoes. But I think I've figured out how to fix that without botching them. And I got some great denim walking shorts at JC Penney's.

Dinner was SOO good. The best part. I love Chinese. We all tasted each other's food, and each liked what we chose best. And choosing was hard. Lo Mein with chicken, beef, pork, and shrimp. SO yummy. I ate my whole meal with chopsticks. Go me! I didn't know I was so talented. ;-) It's chopsticks for me whenever I have Asian food from now on. lol I had the leftovers for lunch today. But I used a fork.

We went to the beach again last week. And it was smelly and nasty, due to the weather having washed a bunch of seaweed ashore. We didn't stay long. On our way home, a friend of Aunt Cindy's invited us to come swimming at their community pool! So, we did, and it was a blast. It was the coolest pool ever. With a big, fun waterslide. Yay!

We've rented tons of movies the past week. We had a 3 in a row marathon last night. After watching a bunch of bittersweet/depressing movies, we finished with Martian Child. Aunt Cindy fell asleep and finally decided just to go to bed, so we watched it all by our lonely little awake selves. :D It was really good. Very heartwarming. Recommended.

After my post about my favorite things on Etsy, I was contacted by Helen of ShereDesigns on Etsy. Maker of the super-fabulous cute little bird ring that I so love. (She's ordered slippers from me before.) And guess what she did? She proposed a trade. That I send her this beret for that ring.

Is that cool or what? I am telling you, I was so excited I scared Anna and Sarah. I jumped up and down and clapped. And squealed "Yay! I'm so excited" more than a few times.
That's just pretty neat, if you ask me.

I also made a sale, and had 2 people message me to ask if I could make something specifically for them. So, Etsy wise, it's been a good week. Now I just need to make another sale so that I can buy supplies to please these nice people who want special orders. :D

Also, some dear, dear people have paid for Laura and Mama to go the prayer advance with me! So, we're all going! And I'm rooming with my Sarah-friend! YAY!!

Our youth group might be going to Six Flags on Thursday, and I really want to... so I hope that works out.

Friday, I'm having my wisdom teeth out. I hope I won't be useless for the rest of the weekend, but I'm sure I will be.

Next weekend is the Prayer Advancce. The Tuesday after that is my birthday! That's only two weeks away!

After that, I think the excitement will finally be over. At least until October, when we're going on vacation with the Looneys. I hope camping with the Looneys, and making at least one visit to the Fontenot's house can be managed sometime between there.

I just said ALL of that, but I really just wanted to tell you guys I thought it was cool that I used chopsticks close to effortlessly, and that I'm getting the ring I like so much. :)

Pray we'll have a safe trip home tomorrow, pretty please.
Love to all of my friends!


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