Friday, July 25, 2008


Since Wednesday night (the time of my last post), these are the goings-on that have, goed on.

I went to bed much too late.
I got up early, got ready, and went to Six Flags with my family, after picking up some friends.

Oh, wait. I forgot something.
Getting ready includes getting a haircut.
Yes, I know! I know! I was finally getting some length back, and making progress in growing it out, and all that... But here's the deal:
I love my hair really short.
I love my hair really long.
In order to grow it back out, it's going to have to be in between forever, and I hate it in between. And I'm just not ready yet. Even though I thought I was. So, I promise I will grow it back out one day. I really will. But I just had to cut it again. And Mama can tell you, I was rejoicing. I think I said "Yay! I love my hair! it looks so great now!" at least 4 times.
So... confession over.

I was absolutely insanely excited to be back at Six Flags. I love that place.

Mama, Nicholas, Joey, Abby, Alicia, and I rode the Scorcher, the Cyclone, and the Goliath. We had a marvelous time.

We went out to the van and had lunch.
After lunch, Alicia, Nicholas, Joey, Abby, and I set out on our own, while Mama took Emmie and Ben and went to hang out with her other grown up friends and their little ones.

From 2:30 to ... 6:30 was pretty close to miserable. I was the leader, and a bad one at that. I had totally forgotten the layout of the park, my feet hurt, I kept leading us in indecisive circles unintentionally, and we didn't even do much. It was partly the fault of the increasing line lengths. The kids rode the swings, and we stood in line for ages upon end to ride the Batman (which I got a video of and will post on facebook eventually), and then stood in line for more ages to ride the Scream Machine. The line looked short, but it was deceptively slow. So, I did have fun on the Scream Machine, but the rest of the time was a major letdown.

We all met, left the park to go to the van and get some drinks, came back, and then we had fun.
We got to ride the Scorcher a couple times more. The front car is totally the best. ^.^ Laura and Alicia went to ride Acraphobia while the boys and I were stuck in line waiting for the Scorcher again, while they were fixing "technical difficulties." After that, we all met up and ended the night with Shake Rattle and Roll. Alicia and I had almost as much fun dancing in line as we did on the ride. LOL I love that ride. Only the cool slideshow of images from the 50s wasn't working! But the music and the ride were still great.

So, the middle of the day was torture, and I'm really glad we got to go back in and have a little more fun.

This morning I was supposed to have my wisdom teeth taken out, but now my appointment has been rescheduled for Monday. Which could be a big problem, because I'm going to the Prayer Advance Thursday. That doesn't leave me with a lot of healing time. I'm hoping I'll have a miraculous recovery. I'd appreciate your prayers that the surgery would go well, and I'd recover super-amazingly-fast. :)

I think I need to brew a little more coffee.
I'm tired.

I left the camera in the van, which I don't have access to right now, so I'll post pics when I can.

And! Leslie tagged me, so that will be my next post. ;-)

Happy Weekend, dear friends, and thank you for reading, as always. Knowing people read my little ramblings makes me feel kinda special. :P

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