Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Random Things

Happy random things. That's what most of my blog is about.
... I guess that's just what I like to focus on. Yay for Happy Random Things!

I listed some new stuff on Etsy today. I also got the pics together for 4 other things that need to be listed. I made these hats at Aunt Cindy's. I can't stop making pleated berets like the orange one. They're my new favorite thing.

My cute ring was put in the mail today. And so was that great Kool-Aid yarn I ordered. And I ordered those spiffy orange buttons. Hooray for Etsy!

But the best thing of all is SIX FLAGS!! I'm going to Six Flags tomorrow! So. Fun. If you've known me long at all, you should know my of my truly deep, heartfelt love for Six Flags. It's true.
My whole family is going, Alicia's coming with us, Kasey and one of her friends are riding with us, and Keith is going to be there, so I'll have no shortage of interesting people to yak at. (See, the problem with yakking at uninteresting people is that they usually don't have good responses)

I'm taking Mama's camera (even though she's going to be there too - I get to be the camera person, hopefully), and I should have a nice picture post sometime hereafter.

I probably won't be around for the next couple days though. Wisdom teeth, you know. But regular life (= blogging) should resume pretty quickly after that.

By the way, welcome home to Paul!

I'm having a nice cup of coffee. I only had one little sip this morning, which is totally unusual for me. I'm making up for it now.

And I had some of the best ginger ale in the world earlier today. Blenheim. Thanks, Katey!!

It's good to be home.

G'bye. :)


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