Thursday, April 30, 2009


"Hey Ben, let's play a math game. What's two plus two?"
"What's three plus three?"
(pause... whispers numbers to self) "Six?"
"Yeah. Four plus four."
(pause and whispers) "Eight."
"Okay, now do ten plus ten."
"Uhm... I can't even guess that one."
"Then tell me what's five plus five."
"Ten. I've knowed that one my whole life. Okay, Emmie, here's one for you: Zero plus eight."
"Easy - that's eight. What's 100 plus 100?"
"beep-beep! beep-beep! overloading! overloading!"


  1. haha Aww!! My cousin works at a day care & those kids are a trip! I came bearing animal cupcakes so now they all think im cool because i made it look like a kitty & a bear :D I*m the keeper of the cupcakes.

    How have ya been?!

  2. I drive a school bus and have 2 kindergarten boys behind me. Some days it's hard not to just burst out laughing at their discussions. One day they were singing the ABC's together, did real well till Q, then they started singing different letters, got confused and quit. It was just too funny!!

  3. That's adorable! I feel that way about math sometimes too!!

  4. I got the beret today :D
    I LOVE IT ^.^
    And I would love to do a product review and feature for you on my blog!
    I'll let you know when it's up.
    Thank you so much again!!

  5. That is SOO funny!! It sounds like Benny & Natey!

    Miss ya!!


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