Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Inspiration, Please!

You know what?
I'm not posting about Etsy stuff, though I've been making new things and sales are down.
I'm not posting about April Fool's Day, though Google's little prank made me giggle.
I'm not posting a media review, though I've been meaning to for quite some time.
I'm not posting a Life Lesson, which I forgot to do on Monday.
I'm not posting a picture post, because my recent pictures aren't uploaded yet.
I'm not posting a serious bunch of thoughts on life.
Nor am I posting another collection of sugary happiness.

I just wanted to blog this morning, and don't know what to blog about.

The cockatiel is warbling and my parrotlet is squeaking at him in irritation.
My parrotlet is growing a bunch of feathers back. That makes me happy. He had pulled a bunch of his feathers out for unknown reasons, and was looking like a fuzzy gray hobo bird instead of a vibrant parrot.

I think it would be fun to get another bird, but I also think that would make Vincent mad.

Well, my stroke of intelligent genius is taking its time revealing itself... So I guess I'll go do something useful. Let me know if you have any good ideas.
I'll eventually get around to writing all the things that I'm not writing today. lol



  1. Sometimes it feels good to have an off day! Enjoy it!!!

  2. thinking about what to write some days comes easily, other days...oh well!
    But you posted, I read :)
    Have a great day.

  3. Ugh, I here you about etsy sales being down.

  4. Hey:

    Just found your blog on Etsy. I'm reading that you were homeschooled, which always grabs my attention, as my 3 kids learned at home as well.

    Am enjoying reading your blog.

    Garden Painter Art

  5. There are days I have no idea what to blog about either. Usually just end up going to other blogs and reading.
    Having a "bag swap" on my blog!!

  6. YOu could've done an April Fool's ya know. But now it's kinda late for that! :D
    Maybe the randomness was all a joke too...

  7. Sometimes inspiration will strike me in the midst of the most trivial action.

    I hope you got some inspiration back after this post =)

  8. I was having one of those days too, hope you find your inspiration.

    But it's nice hearing about your birds, I have a pair of lovebirds. :)


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