Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another Shoe Post

I do not believe I have ever shown off my amazing, custom hand painted shoes from Alexandra.
Allow me-

Are those unique or what? I got her to fashion the little paintings after some of Helen's designs.
(Because I own the little bird earrings and a tiny lovebirds ring from her. And I LOVE them. )

In other news, I have been on the ball with slipper-making this week.

red burgundy mary jane maryjane crochet slippers black elfin elf gnome crochet slippers red cranberry crochet slippers elf elfin gnome

green pixie crochet fairy slippers

That one blue background picture with all those green ones is feeling a little lonely. However, it's a better photo all around, so it doesn't mind too much.

Now, I would like to share with you a photo that absolutely made my night when I saw it.
From a super-awesome buyer:

"Your description of the slippers made me think I would love to illustrate that."

Is that just the coolest thing or what?! It makes me soooo happy!
I've gotten a couple of appreciation photos before. They all rock, but this one SO takes the cake!
So, I think I'm off to read a little, and maybe make more brown Elfin Slippers.
Happy Wednesday!


  1. That customer photo is awesome! Very cool of them to do that. :o) Your hand painted shoes are just, wow!

  2. Those hand painted shoes are AWESOME! I am so jealous. You must, seriously, wear them every day of your life.

    And I love that photo of the slippers- it fits them perfectly!

  3. I love the first pictures with the green on the back..way cool!

  4. Thanks! I like the way you spell doggeh, heehee. his name is Zazz. We also have a long face pooch named Soup. She's a papillon mix. I think there's a pic of her also in one of my entries, or at least on my flickr page.
    I have 5 necklaces completely strung and ready to go. I just have to string five more, all my beads are made. I had to order more stringing thimble things for the ends though. I only have enough for three more necklaces.

    Also I LOVE those shoes! and I love your slippers! And that pic the customer sent you is probably the best appreciation photo ever! It should be a print! I would totally want it pinned up somewhere in my house.

  5. Those shoes are all adorable and that customer photo makes me want my own pair to go prancing around like a wood nymph in. So cool.

  6. Omg, those shoes are totally rad! Such a stunning picture too! I'd wear them to bed!


  7. No story behind the name Soup, just came out of my boyfriends mouth. :) And Zazz is from an episode of Metalacalypse, haha.
    Ravioli is an awesome name for a kitty!

  8. Great pics of your slippers! Love the customer appreciation photo!

  9. fun appreciation photo!!!
    I love those shoes! Soooo unique!

  10. Great picture--it totally made me giggle out loud! The handpainted shoes are awesome!


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