Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Six Flags

Dear Readers,

I sacrificed my nap for this post. I was up til 2:30 last night, fighting with iTunes, trying to get about 100 podcast episodes onto my iPod. I had to redo it twice, and then it still ended up wonky. After work, I had every intention of napping, but I knew if I didn't post about Six Flags now, I wouldn't get to it. Every hour from now til sometime tomorrow is claimed for vacation prep. Once there I wouldn't have access to all these dorky pictures I knew you'd want to see.

So, let's get to it, shall we?

We left the house around 1 o'clock.
On the way, we stopped at our favorite convenience store for drinks and gasoline.
Joey got some Reese's cups to share. Dear boy.

We got to Six Flags at 2:45.

We spent the first half hour swimming in the sea of Spring Breakers, trying to figure out what we wanted to do. Since every line was going to have a wait time of forever, we decided to stop thinking about what to do and just do something. We got in line for the Acrophobia, which Abby had never ridden. And guess what happened?
We stood there for 2 hours. I think it's the longest line I've ever been in. We are so lame, we should have played I Spy or at least talked or something, but we just stood there, silent and cold.

Why was it so cold and windy that day? Obviously I didn't check the weather report before I left the house.

At 4:30 we finally got to ride. It was AWESOME. I've ridden it before but my stomach totally jumped up in my throat. Abby was beside me and I was afraid she might cry. Her face and knuckles were all white, and her eyes were huge. But she loved it. Yay!

We don't have any cool pictures of that kind of stuff because we kept the camera in the van most of the day.

So, we got off the ride and enjoyed being able to run around after being cramped in that line. We made a beeline to the van to get some lunch. Yes, it was a late lunch. Tuna sandwiches and carrots are amazing when you're starving. Of course, you're never too satisfied to keep from drooling over the enticing smells of popcorn and funnel cake wafting all around. :P

We took our time eating because there was no point rushing because we'd never make it through another line before Big Daddy Weave was took the stage at 6.Well, we left the van at 6, and it took us a whole 20 minutes to get to the amphitheater.

Big Daddy Weave was great, but I felt a little shortchanged when he quit singing at 6:40. Newsong was supposed to start at 7, not 6:45! So... that was a bummer. He was really funny though. :D

It was getting cold, so we skipped Newsong and searched the park for affordable sweatshirts.
Yeah right.
After looking in every shop, we decided it was time for a snack before Barlow Girl.

So, it's 7 o clock and we're walking to the van. I said "Dear God, this is a weird prayer, but if you'd magically make some sweaters appear in the van, that would be awesome."It wasn't exactly a prayer... just me thinkin'... We got out to the van and Joey and Abby were like "hey! We didn't know this bag of clothes was in here!"

Yep! So they didn't magically appear, but if I hadnt've mentioned it to God, we might not have noticed them. I dunno. At any rate, we all ended up warmer than before! Joey found his other sweater and let me wear his hoodie. Abby found a long sleeved shirt which was not very attractive, but was very functional, and Laura donned a big thick oversized tee shirt, which she was just fine with. I was glad to have the Timberland hoodie cuz I'm selfish like that.

Anyhow, Abby posed for a picture with me and fixed some more sandwiches.

Laura posed with Joey, then started noshing on some carrots and ranch dressing.

She was modeling as she ate, and I told her that was a great "'carrots are healthy and sexy' face."

She nodded her assent as Abby choked, laughing at our idiocy.

I had a couple carrots myself, even though I'm not supposed to because of my braces.
Then I posed with my beloved pass.

We attempted a picture of all four of us, but it wasn't working so well. We tried again. It worked.

Finished snacking, we headed back to the amphiteater. The popcorn was calling loudly, but we ignored it.

Barlow Girl was awesome. This thing at Six Flags was my first concert... It was pretty cool. During one song, I was ready for it to be over because I'm not exactly accustomed to feeling as if my chest is going to vibrate right out of me. However, I got into the spirit and did a little hopping and cell phone waving with the rest of the crowd at the urging of the band.

So. Concert over, we decided we MUST have some popcorn. And don't you know when we went to find it it was all gone. All the vendors with carts -gone. All the little window shops - empty.
Not to be so easily defeated, we climbed aboard the skybuckets, on a quest to search the other side of the park for delicious, salty, fake-buttery popped corn.

Here is an interesting shot from the sky bucket. Six Flags at night is COOL.
Oh, and one of me, Joey, and some tiny little aliens who flew past at an inopportune time.

AHA! Finally. In one of the more restaraunt-y places we found our prize.

We loaded back into a Sky Bucket so we could ride the Scream Machine before closing time, eating popcorn all the way. I think it tasted better than it would have before, since it had an adventure behind it. ;-)

Our popcorn adventure took half an hour.
We ran as fast as we could from the sky buckets to the scream machine, where we waited excitedly, polishing off the last of the popcorn... and probably some germs too, if you think about it. Ew.

9:50, we were flying through the night sky on a roller coaster! WOOT! I love those things.
It jerked to a halt, and it was time to go home.

And so we did.

There you have it.
I think it's funny we had more fun just running around the park not getting much of anything done than we did the rest of the day. :D It's awesome to just hang out with your family and be a nut.

Hope you enjoyed the post!



  1. Great post! Sounds like a fun time! I have not been to Six Flags or any type of amusement park in at least ten years. Not sure if I have the stomach for those rides anymore.

  2. Sounds fun! I no longer ride roller coasters anymore..LOL..The older I get , the more scared I am..

  3. Wow...sounds like loads of fun. Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for telling us all about it!

  4. Oh man, that looks like a crazy good time!

  5. Ha, I havent been to six flags in sooo long.

  6. Gosh that was a fun and busy day!

    I wish I could see Barlow Girls again, they rocked the stage at UMHB college preview weekend a few years ago. I bought their cd and have listened to it more than a few times on my iTunes :)


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