Saturday, April 18, 2009

Giveaways are Fun!

Fact of the Day:
Giveaways are fun. Mostly if you win. I've won two etsy-people giveaways before.
Both prizes were earrings. As a matter of fact, my favorite yellow lemon-drop earrings were a giveaway prize. I won them by pleading eloquently. They went AWOL on me...
I've also benevolently donated my items for other people's giveaways.

Anyways! Because giveaways are fun*, I have decided to hold my own.
Behold my Giveaway Poster! (isn't it lovely?)

That's right, people! You get to pick your own prize! Whatever you want from my shop can be your very own. Well, "whatever" is limited to one item. And there will only be one winner.

Here's how it works:

  • Visit, come back and tell me what you would pick to win and why.
  • For an extra entry, leave a critique - Do I need to change something? How so? (you can leave both "entries" in one comment.)
  • The winner will be randomly selected and announced Wednesday, April 22.

There you have it! Go for it!
I'm excited. I hope more than one person enters.

Contest open Saturday, April 18 - Tuesday, April 21.
Open to residents of all countries. I hope you don't have outrageous shipping. lol
I'm going out of town for a week Wednesday afternoon, so if you choose a made-to-order item, I will send it ASAP when I get back. You've been forewarned. :D However, if you so choose something already finished, I'll slap a label right on it and stick it in the mail that very day! ;-)

I know lots of people give extra entries for posting about the giveaway on their blog, but I'm going to be different and not. However, I think you should post about it anyways, to share the fun with your friends out of the goodness of your heart. lol!

Have a happy weekend!


* I'm big on honesty, so I thought I should let you know that I'm also doing this for shameless self promotion.


  1. Great giveaway! I love the Loop Strap Mary Janes. I think they are wonderful, but if I had to change one thing, I would make them brown to match my bathrobe ;)

  2. Oh I love the charming charcole Beret!

  3. Lets see. Critique.
    Well, I think more merchandise is always a must whether you have 2 or 200 items.

    Love and Energies.

    ps. I didn't know if I was supposed to do two comments or one.

  4. I really love the pleated Pumpkin orange beret!! Very Cute! You have some cute designs. Have you thought of adding coordinating or matching scarves (neck-wraps) and/or shawls?
    dixiecrat44 (at)sbcglobal(dot)net

  5. Very sweet of you!!! My feet are always cold so I would love to win a pair hard to choose elfin or pixie??? one or the other would be perfect. And as for Critique..if it isn't broken don't fix shop is perfect! Love the contrast in your phots!

  6. YAY! I love your shop and dream of prancing around in green elfin slippers!!

    Critique is hard, I really think your shop is lovely and well designed, with beautiful photographs. So it's more of a personal preference, blue and purple! There's not enough of either color in your shop, they're my favorites. ;)

    I looove the cheery red scarfling. Seriously, I adore it, and I'd love to have it. haha. :) Looks so versatile, feminine and classy! Have I mentioned yet how much I love the looks of it?!
    And I absolutely cannot believe myself's amazingness here... before I read the description (just saw the pics) I typed out the above... and guess what?! You described your scarfling the same way... versatile, feminine... awww. Man, I love it.

    Critique? I agree with The Eclectic Element, however, your shop is so wonderful I don't think you need to make any serious "changes." :)

    <3 ---a friend in a far place <3

  8. Wow your shop is absolutely adorable! I love love love the Cranberry Maryjane slipper..very sweet.

  9. How can I critique your shop? What..lets see the colors are beautiful, bright and happy! The photo's are excellent. SaWeet profile! Your only 19...lucky you! Enjoy time flys! I don't celebrate my birthday anymore!

    Your shop is just awesome and you have decent sales number..maybe you can critique mine?

    Thanks so much for a chance!

  10. i love these
    the only real critique i would have would maybe adding more colors in your pictures so potential buyers can see what the items look like in more colors.

  11. I am smitten by your cranberry slippers! I love them because very soon it will be warm enough not to wear PJ's and move to "slinkier" sleepwear, but my feet still get cold - I would feel "hot" in these (much cuter than my little white socks!) just discovered your cute blog on an etsy forum thread - come on over and visit me:

  12. AH! I love them ALL!!! Seriously if I could I would buy one of EVERYTHING!
    Hmmm favourite would have to be the red sunburst beret. So deliciously pretty!
    As for a critique.....I honestly can't think of anything! Though I think the dark wig makes it a little hard to see the details of some items....

  13. i like the pink beanie.

    one because it's pink. and two because it's pink.

    have you ever thought about adding embellishments to your beanies? you can crochet a flower, butterfly, picture of me, etc - and attach it to the beanie?

    thanks for a great giveaway.

    and can you believe my word verification is winner? it's just spelled nonym.

    yellow beanie

    i used to wear a white one with a flower but that was so--- a few years ago.

    i think yellow is awesome or red. hmmmm *thinking.

    i think i will go with red instead! lol

    if i could change one thing, just to make your banner more vibrant like the rest of your shop. just cause itll go better, although i do like your banner but ya asked me to change one thing lol

    contact me at

  15. Fab giveaway!
    I would choose the gorgeous sunburst olive beret
    I love hats - wear them all the time. It is difficult finding crochet berets that are cool enough for summer weather, and this one rocks!

    Your shop is so bold and beautiful with the bright backgrounds (whoa @ my alliteration!). I would suggest using a lightbox to reduce the shadows and make the items pop even more!


  16. I really like the sky blue slippers! because blue is my fav. color and they look so comfy!

    It would be cool if you had like, regular winter scarfs. I also, agree with w about adding little crocheted flower embellishments to some of your hats and things.

  17. I would absolutely, positively choose the Woolen Mary Janes. Why? Because I have owned a pair of woolen CaitiJo slippers and I loved them SO much I wore holes right through them and I MISS them STILL. These have the added luxury of that cute and functional little button strap.

    If I were to change anything, I might make the toe cover a bit higher, and I would make them everlasting!! Oh, and this particular pair would be slightly smaller to fit my feet snuggy...

  18. ooh caitijo, i am so excited. what a great giveaway. I already know what I would choose...
    yellow slippers!
    because i have been eyeing these bright foot fuzzies for months and months. everything that you sell a pair i have to "re-add" them to my favorites. tee hee.
    and besides that, i hate knitting slippers myself.

    okay extra point time:
    caitijo, your shop is fun, bright, and sharp. i honestly think you could charge more for your items, i know all the hard work that goes into them. ♥



  19. Hi~ Like your shop and your blog! I would pick the light blue beanie. Love the color and this would be perfect for my "I want to look cute, but don't have time to fix my hair and am tired of wearing a ponytail" days! :) Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway! Jeanette

  20. Critique~ I don't really have anything but good things to say...
    Love your shop. Love your merchandise, bio, banner, and the way you use different bright colors for photo backgrounds. I also like that your hats are displayed on a "fake" head instead of a real one...guess it's just my germ issues! :) Jeanette

  21. I want the Pixie Slippers! In greeny greeny green. They look so cute and cozy, and my feet are cold until about mid-July. In Texas. So I always need warm toasties.

    I'd suggest listing some alternate sizes/yarn colors with your items. You say in the announcement you do customs, but sometimes people need a nudge:)...

    I'm going to take the time soon to visit all of you and thank you for entering and tell you how much I love your sweet comments, but for now this comment will suffice.

    **big CaitiJo hugs**

  23. I like the Sky Blue Slippers in ladies size small-I love handknit slippers,so comfy and warm.

    Elaine R

  24. Hi! Thank you! I like the Bluesy Beret, the color matches my eyes (batting my eyes)and love the style, cute enough to wear all seasons.

  25. Your items are wonderful in your shop. Only suggestion I have is to do more fingerless gloves. As a guitar player they would come in handy on a cool outdoor gig. Add some color, tassels, your own signature style and you'll be famous!
    Best wishes!

  26. Love the cobalt blue scarfling! It's the perfect color!


  27. Critique: I think that more variety would be great. I love your items, they're very cute, but you could also make cowls, sweaters, shawls, etc. Then you could appeal to a wider audience.

  28. You have so many lovely creations it's difficult to pick a favorite, but at the top of my list currently are your Cranberry Mary Janes. They're so feminine and sweet!

    As for critique, I think your banner could be brightened up to match the creativity of your shop. It just doesn't do your work justice! Also, perhaps more color choices. I'm partial to pink and lavender myself :)

  29. I love these slippers too:

    Would leave them red - my favorite color!!

  30. Very Nice store! love your head wraps and fact I want the Cranberry Mary Janes for me jejjejeje

    and I have to say: love your banner!!! Super hip! Now a critique...mmm... could be the photos of your Scarflings, you should show the details,because they are beautiful!

  31. I would choose the Scarlet Scarfling because I love the crimson color + how dainty it is...

    your items are wonderful, but the only thing I would critique would be that I love to see things on people not mannequins...otherwise keep up the good work love!

  32. I love your shop! I think if I got to pick one item it would be these:

    And actually it is because I would love to give them to my best friend. She looooves mary janes, and I know she would wear these all of the time.

  33. 1. I would love to win the cranberry slippers!

    2. Critique - maybe offer even more different color slippers

    Great giveaway!

  34. Are you kidding me? These would be perfect for US!

    I work with a group of Hospice nurses who go into dying people's homes each and every day. During the muddy season and snow season they carry slippers with them into each patients house. When I saw these slippers, I thought how much joy it might bring to the patients and families. In such a stressful time, it's tough to make someone laugh and these slippers would do the job. I wouldn't keep them all to myself; I would share them week by week with my 3 other hospice nurses. Hope we win!!

    If I could give one critique, I'd love to see baker boy hats!

  35. I pick the emerald scarfling. Soooo cute. I always wear my hair in a pony tail and this would help me break that habit.

    I would recommend adding a chocolate brown scarfling. I would buy that!!!
    -10oneworld on etsy

  36. I love this berry beanie

    Love your store, especially your banner.

    I homeschooled too, by the way. ;)

  37. I would have to choose the sky blue slippers. ALL of your slippers are ADORABLE!
    Wait, does that count as a critique?
    Thanks for letting me know about your giveaway!
    Pick me! Caitlin's should TOTALLY stick together!

  38. I like your Cranbery Mary Janes.

    As far as critiques go...I think your shop looks good! Good photos, Good that you use all 5 photos spots...good everything!

    The Muddy Moose Bath Boutique
    PS...I've got a giveaway going on now too!

  39. I love them all but if I have to will be the Big Stripe Beanie (I love the yellow and black combinations).
    As for changes, maybe different yarns or create some eye catching patterns. Lovely shop!

  40. cranberry slippers are my favorite
    God bless!

  41. Everything looks awesome! My favourite is the charcoal beret.

  42. my fav is those
    soo cute..

  43. I would choose the red beanie ~ so very cute!

  44. Your shop is lovely, if I had to critique I would say shorten your announcement so that anyone coming in to your shop would see some of your beautiful things without having to scroll down.

  45. I'm so glad I found this, I LOVE your shop! My favorite items are the sky blue slipers:

    In fact, I had them added as a favorite when I saw them on the front page once. But they quickly disappeared because they sold. I absolutely love them.

    As for the critique, I think you could offer more varieties of colors. Especially in the slippers. I get the feeling from looking at your shop that you're more of a primary colors type of girl. And don't get me wrong, I love what you have to offer. But I would also enjoy seeing some more feminine colors like pink or purple.

  46. I would choose the gray gloves.

    Several reasons: I love gray. I often don't wear gloves because I feel like my fingers are trapped and then my hands get chapped (or just freeze). I can't wear wool on my hands because I have eczema.

    I'm going to link to you on my blog, even though I don't get an extra entry. I want to share the love!

  47. Critique: I think you should come up with some additional items that would be spring/summer appropriate.

    Also, I posted links on my personal Facebook wall and on the one I have for my etsy shop.


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