Thursday, April 16, 2009

Coming soon...

Story of a Day At Six Flags coming soon to a Caitlinesque near you.

Aren't you glad. I know you've been waiting.
Rosalie has, anyways.

Today was lovely, so I just felt like popping in and saying hi.
I got a new item up for my etsy shop this week.
I made two more new things, but I haven't put the finishing touches on them. Poor them.

But here's the beret I finished, photographed, and listed!

crochet green swirl beret caitijo
green crochet beret
I'm kind of fond of it. :)

Work was good. Shopping with mama and Katey was good.
All the junk food I ate today was good.

Now if the rest of the week will keep with the trend, I'll be quite content. :)

Have a happy day.


  1. Cute hat, love the color. Can't wait to hear about Six Flags, we drive past the one in Arlington a few times a month when I visit my grandparents and it always looks so fun! :)

  2. Great hat! It's adorable! And I'll be watching for the next post!


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