Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ramblings on a Snowy Day

Hello friends!

At the moment, this blog post doesn't have a name. When I have a topic for a blog post, or it's Monday, I know what the title should be. This time, I'm just sitting down to write because I feel like rambling. Since I don't even know what I'm going to ramble about, it's hard to pick a title. Unless I just christen it "Ramblings" but I think I've done that before.

Please excuse me a moment while I fetch some hot cocoa.
Mmm... creamy, chocolatey goodness.
So perfect with the beautiful snow outside.

That's right. Snow! It's so cool! I've only seen big fluffy flakes falling like this once in my life before. How sad is that. (or at least, only once that I remember) All the other snow has been "Wait! there goes one! ..." "Well, the forecaster did say "chance of flurries!"
It's funny to have snow today. Yesterday I went for a walk in 70 degree sunshine and blue skies.
I'll bet the northerners have fun laughing at us Georgians for holing up as soon as any form of ice shows up on the weather channel. :D

Due to the weather, choir practice and evening service for tonight are cancelled. This makes me sad. However, I intend to fully enjoy this afternoon. If only I had another BBC drama to curl up and watch! It'd be even better if I could be with my crazy friends who love to watch BBC dramas with me. (such as like Katey and Katie...) We could practice our fake accents together. Sometimes when we're together, we just start talking in our Elizabeth Bennet accents and don't even realize we're doing it til Mrs. Lisa tells us to knock it off. Movie nights are the best.

My yellow lemon drop earrings are missing.

Yesterday I was sitting on the back porch watching the clouds. One of them looked like a heart.
And it's fun to think maybe God made that cloud look like a heart just to make me smile. He might not have, but it's possible. And whether or not it was just for me, it's still good to recognize pretty little things you might not have noticed, but did, and be thankful for them.

I noticed lately that when you look at things with God, He shows you lots of little stuff that you would have passed over if it were just you.

Well, I'm done with my cocoa, and the urge to ramble has been satiated, so I'm off to take some picture. I suppose those will be for my next post. :)

Have a pleasant Sunday.


  1. Didn't you just love the snow? We were at church...and it was all so pretty!


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