Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Keepin' em and Breakin' em

I'm learning how to keep records. yay! I spent a couple hours today downloading CSV files (thank you, Etsy, for keeping track of my sales so I don't have to, and compiling the info into neat little files I can load into Excel!), fixin' up my spreadsheets, adding up receipts, totaling profits, and making sure things are in order. GO ME! When tax season comes next year, figuring out my Etsy stuff should be a breeze. Or let's hope so anyways.

As for breaking them, I've never had this many items in my shop at once.
31 as of right now.
Record broken. (not that I've actually been counting... )

Today I listed a couple of new beanies.

Oh, and I finished those black elfin slippers. And wrote the pattern down so I can make more.

And I guess that wraps up today's update. Just wanted to share my little triumphs of the day.
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Cute beanies! Yes, it definitely helps to keep records!


  2. The CSVs are very handy! I love the new items and the bright colors!


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