Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Post!

I'm not read to write another post yet, but I didn't like knowing that grumpy post was the last one up.
I was still mostly grumpy til Saturday morning, but Saturday was lovely, as was today.

Current news:
Etsy sales are down. Way down.
I need a car. A lot.
Choir practice went well. The drama is soon.
I'm watching this documentary about a girl named Deborah.
I don't want to take a shower because it will undo all the hard work I did to straighten my hair.
This week is going to be CRAZY busy!!
I'm rather cheerful and optimistic. Probably because I haven't attempted to finish those troublesome slippers yet. Which I need to do before that dear customer gets upset.

I'm contemplating doing a giveaway, hoping it would promote sales.

Have a good week, people. :) I will be back for a life lesson tomorrow. If I can think of one. lol


  1. Thanks! That one is my favorite too. I want to make more in more colors. :) Oooh, and maybe some beads to match! heehee

  2. Yes, my Etsy sales are way down too.

    I'll try to help if you do a giveaway! :)


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