Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Guess What That Make Me Think Of?"

My family has heard it over and over from me lately.
The same question, asked with an expectant grin:

Bluegrass music in the CD player -"Guess what that makes me think of?"
Discussion about chicken salad - "Guess what that makes me think of?!"
"Pretty Woman" playing in the store - "Guess what that makes me think of?"
Quiz results declaring my similarity to Superman - "Guess what that makes me think of?"

There have been many others, too. I just can't remember them.
And my knowing family has certainly learned the answer well.
Six Flags.

When I'm shopping, I find myself setting the standard by asking, "would this be good to wear at six flags?"
I'm trying to think of a good hat design to crochet for summer wear at six flags.
Listening to my new tunes , some of them strike me as perfect for listening to with the windows rolled down on the way to six flags.
When I'm walking, I like to think that I'm getting in shape for a summer of fun at six flags.

This is what anticipating the joys of a season pass does to me, people. Scary, I know.
And it's not like I've never been.
I mean, I have different "riding techniques" for the different coasters. One summer we went so often we became familiar with certain ride operators and tram drivers.

I love it. What can I say?

And guess what?
eep!! I am so excited.
I tell you, when I get there, I hop around and clap my hands like a first grader every time. Ask my friends.

Anyways, my family has season passes, so if you ever want some company on your trip to Six Flags this summer, call me! ... Unless you had somebody better in mind. lol

Still no pictures. Maybe I'll do an etsy update soon and include photos for that. :D

What do you think about Six Flags? Let's get some feedback around here!


  1. It sounds great! I'm sure you'll have a blast every time you go; I wish we were coming sometime this summer! Maybe it will work out on homeschool day or something. :-)

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog- I love your name! :) You know, I have never actually been to six flags??!! Poor deprived child that I am...
    HAve fun!

  3. Really? You've never been, at all? Wow. You're going to love it! Just look out and be prepared for to huge lines at every ride!

  4. I will have a blast! I just know it. lol
    Unfortunately, we won't be going on homeschool day. homeschool day's not open for passholders. And we might be going to a friends homeschool prom thing. :) not sure yet tho!
    But I do hope you get to go - it would still be a blast even thought I'm not going to be there. lol

  5. I love six flags! How have you been? How are sales these days? I am still wearing my fabulous hat and so are my precious little boys! Just wanted to say hello!

  6. Thanks!
    We have 6 Flags Kentucky Kingdom here in KY. It's s'ok. I just don't like anything that drops (like roller coasters or the hellavator) or anything that spins so...that doesn't leave me much at theme parks, haha. But I still like going and getting outdoors and hittin' the funnel cake! And I love water rides. L O V E them, lol.


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