Sunday, February 8, 2009


Sorry I missed last week's Life Lesson! It totally slipped my mind. :)
However, if I can get these creative juices flowing, tomorrow's should be pretty good. I've already got some subject matter singled out.

Random news:

  • My hair is growing!! I was just looking at pics from 3 months ago, and it has grown a lot. I'm encouraged. lol
  • I have another new kid in my class! Making a total of 8 two year old boys. The director's thinking of splitting the class. Mrs. Dawn said "NO more, Nancy."
  • I painted my nails today, but I didn't get to finish them. Now I'm worried I won't get to it during the week and they'll be ruined before they're even done, and I'll have to start over.
  • I miss my aunt and uncle and cousins. **hugs**
  • I also miss the Fontenots.
  • I plan on going to the WILDS college and career retreat this March, so hellooo college aged friends, you should totally think about going, too. Just so you know.
  • I won't make my single friends dance with brooms at my wedding because they all seem to be opposed to that idea. But I had only been toying with it anyways. It's a tradition someplace. I don't remember where.
  • That was totally random.
  • Quick Trip's fake caramel macchiato is pretty good.
  • I love my yellow shoes.
  • Today's focus at church was on prayer. My FAVORITE "christian topic." And I was convicted that I really need to be working on that.
  • I think I'm gonna try to contact a bunch of my friends and start this thing where I sit down for at least an hour a week and just pray for everybody. It'll probably take an hour or two a couple times a week if I'm really gonna pray for everybody. It's a big commitment, but I think I should do it, and I'm looking forward to it.
  • I've been trying to start my day off just spending a couple minutes alone with God, and it's amazing how much better that make the day go. I did skip Bible reading on the ski trip. :( Bad me. But I talked to God, and He forgave me. But He told me he expects me to pick it back up full force tomorrow. I said ok. :)

  • I was tagged to show you the fourth picture in the fourth album on my computer. Thanks Deb! Here goes.
  • The rules say "no editing allowed." I wish I were allowed to edit it. It could be so much cooler. It also says I'm to explain the picture. That's a scarf I had just finished making, and I was trying to get some cool shots of it. And the guitar. So there you go. That's my windowsill and my fake colorful flowers that I like. I guess the rules also say something about tagging other people.

I tag... oooh, nobody. How lame is that? I promise to be less lame tomorrow!
Right now I'm going to drink a glass of water and pick up the kitchen. I was so thirsty today that I took and nap and dreamt of guzzling glass after glass of water. Then I got up and drank a coke and a yoohoo and had a latte on the way home from church. No water. Bad me.

I really am going now. :)

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