Monday, February 23, 2009

Life Lesson Monday

Most books would be pathetically short if people just said what they were trying to say.

It's a good thing for us readers that so many of our favorite characters can't just come right out with what they mean the first time. Imagine how little of a book would be left if you cut out all the hemming and hawing, waiting, worrying, secret meanings and sub plots. Case in point:

~Pride and Prejudice~

(The Extremely Condensed Caitlin Paraphrase)

Bennet Sisters: Hey look! Two rich guys! We have to marry them!

Bingley: Jane, please marry me.

Jane: okay!

Darcy: I don't like you. Your family's creepy, and you're not so hot yourself.

Lizzy: Well, I don't like you either, cuz you're prejudiced against people who aren't rich. Snob.

Darcy: You're spunky and captivating. Whaddya know! I do like you!! As a matter of fact, I think I - no! I LOVE YOU!

Lizzy: You stupid jerk!

Darcy: I really am a nice guy. **tosses money around** See? Plus, I guess you do have nice eyes.

Lizzy: Oh, good. I'm sorry we were both insensitive idiots. You're rich and handsome, and I like you.

Darcy: So, can we get married?

Lizzy: Absolutely.


(switching it up with the life lessons. Believe it or not, I seem to have run out of my blonde stories. lol ... and apologies to any of you who may recognize this post... it has been modified from it's original format posted in 2007. )

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  1. I love it! Very funny...though I do like the book, in all of it's length. I just finished reading Sanditon, by Jane Austen and "Another Lady", and it was really good!


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