Friday, January 16, 2009

Unsolicited Promotion

So, I just felt like blogging, and I figured I'd just dive right in. No specific topic -just Caitlinesque rambling for the next few minutes.

First of all, I would like to say that I had a little Boundless Show marathon today. I sat and crocheted pieces for fingerless gloves and listened to the podcast for about four hours. They were all episodes from spring last year. I've had like ...4 marathon days catching up on old episodes since I got my iPod. YAY!

Love, love, love Boundless. I subscribe to the webzine and the blog in Google Reader so I won't miss anything. I've spent hours sitting at the compy reading old articles. I'm a link addict. Putting a bunch of related links under or in an article is genius. Of course I have to click on them all ... Wikipedia kills me. lol

Yay for!

So. What else random was I going to say? I'm going to see Marley and Me with Tiffany tomorrow! Looks like it'll be cute. I have a children's book about Marley. I love it. So does my preschool class.

Since I'm in the mood for promoting things tonight, I shall say huzzah for PaperBack Swap! I used to be on swaptree, but it just wasn't working out so well. PaperBack Swap rocks. I've gotten rid of my mother's old cookbooks that she didn't want, and I've gotten some great finds in return. Hardback copies of some of my favorite childrens' titles, and Blue Like Jazz.

Speaking of books, I'm toying with the idea of a media review post. Or maybe a series of posts. I've read a couple books and seen a few movies lately, and thought it would be fun to speak my mind about them. Perhaps I shall.

I had an epiphany today.

You know all those silly little games that begin with a person putting their iPod on shuffle?
"Put your iPod on shuffle and use the song titles as the answers to these questions:" and
"Put your iPod on shuffle and list the beginning lines of the first 15 songs..."
Those things. Well, I can do those now. Because I have an iPod now. (THANK YOU to the bestest aunt EVAR. :P) Haha! Let the stupidity begin! ... anyways. I just thought of that, and I was amused at myself for thinking it, and you can probably expect to see one of those silly things pop up any day now. lol

I ate lots of junk food today. I've been eating a lot of junk lately. Especially chocolate.
I also went for a walk.
I had an excellent cup of Millstone's Swiss Chocolate Almond coffee, but that was yesterday. That's my favorite flavored coffee, in case any of you wanted to know.

Now I'm finished with all of this unsolicited promotion for other people, I'm going to watch the Twilight Zone with my family. :) I love Fridays.

OH! and I made my two-hundred-and-second Etsy sale today. And I've been keeping track of all sales and expenses in Excel. Go me!

I really am leaving now. :)


  1. Caitlin, thanks for shacking up with The Boundless Show for a few hours! Yay for iPods and yay for our listeners! Be sure to provide suggestions to us, etc. We need ideas.

    And how cool that you sell on that site!

    Lisa Anderson

  2. YAY! I got a comment from Lisa!
    (my most favorite Boundless person ever...)

    Thanks, Lisa!

  3. You are too cute!!

    I'm going to adopt you, okay? I'll still share you with your real parents though, so they don't need to be jealous.

  4. Love the're so great, Caiti! I definitely like the idea about the media reviews! Go for it!

  5. how awesome. I got a comment from Lisa AND Beki's going to adopt me! YAY!

    Thanks, Rosie! I think I will! :D

  6. Remembered Mrs Blonde's past work with you and found you in our reader to let you know I thought of you when I read this. - Mr Blonde

  7. I know! haha I want to make it blue actually, because it's been a while since it's been blue, and it's been pink fooooorever. It's actually used to be a super ultra 'burn your eyes out' pink, it's just that it's super faded and my dirty blond roots were like 2 inches long. it was looking crappy. Since I don't have the money to get the Special Effects dye I usually get, I just got red from WalMart. It's supposed to be much brighter though, not so dark and auburn! I've gotten this same color several times so i don't know what happened. Oh well, whatever. Man, this is the longest comment ever. =O heehee

  8. Glad to have you aboard! I love it! If you haven't already ..check out & (sister sites). You can transfer credits between the three sites very very easily!


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