Saturday, January 24, 2009

20 things about me...

These things are going around like the flu. Some people are doing ones that have 17 things, or 25 things, but since I got tagged for this one, I'm doing a nice even 20. :)

1. Sometimes I just look at people and say "Hi! How are you?" after I've already had a whole conversation with them. People who know me say "Hi" back, and proceed to answer the question. People who don't know me so well look at me like I'm insane. They may be right.

2. I like to joke about myself being unintelligent, but I don't really think I am.

3. My little Etsy business is going pretty well. Now if I can just figure out what to do about state sales tax, and that little spending habit...

4. For some reason I try put off hard work, but almost always enjoy the labor and feel really good about myself when I'm done.

5. I love the people at my post office. They're so friendly! It's good to see familiar faces there. :) And just this week, that nice post office man told me he likes my "army jacket .... wait? don't they call those things pea jackets nowadays or something?" ... LOL the other guy was like "no, those are different. Pea coats. I got my wife one for christmas."

6. I had my first experience hitting an animal in the road a couple weeks ago. There was a little birdie sitting in the road, and it wouldn't fly away... crunch. :( I actually wasn't too upset though. that surprised me.

7. I have a hard time saying only a little bit. It's all or nothing. Ergo this series of mini-stories.

8. Don't get me started with the whole " "wine" in the Bible was just grape juice" thing. It was totally for-real wine, and Jesus did drink some. (in the podcast today some girl had a question about whether someone's convictions about alcohol should be a dealbreaker in a relationship... that's why I thought of that. lol) (see? there I go with another mini-story!)

9. Been listening to copious amounts of Michael Buble and Frank Sinatra after getting some CDs for Christmas.

10. I act very strange sometimes. And sometimes I feel a tinge of amused pity for my future husband. lol

11. I try to do a weekly blog post entitled "Life Lesson Monday" but I frequently forget to do them until Tuesday or Wednesday.

12. I have chronically cold feet, and I'm seriously upset about it because it's so annoying.

13. Coffee is my best friend. Well, it's pretty far up on the list anyhow.

14. I love walking. Walky walky walk. I don't usually tire of just strolling around. Hiking is good, too. Let's plan a hiking trip.

15. I am SO PSYCHED about having season passes for Six Flags(!!!), and I think it's awesome that they'll be open weekends starting the last day of Feb. (you can do a bunch of walking at Six Flags ...)

16. Sometimes I stop and realize that I'm actually a very selfish person. It bothers me.

17. My favorite books are Mere Christianity, Mansfield Park, 1&2 Corinthians... and I guess there are more. I have a hard time picking favorites.

18. I express excitement with childish glee. I bounce up and down and clap my hands and say "YAY!" a lot. It's true.

19. Currently reading: Surprised By Joy, Becoming a Woman Who Pleases God (not enjoying it so far ... heh...), and Winnie The Pooh. Finished reading: Blue Like Jazz, Let Me Be a Woman, and Bear Stays Up For Christmas. Plan on re-reading:Mere Christianity, Get Married: what women can do to help it happen (girls, check it out :D),Do Hard Things, and Charlotte's Web.

20. I looove being in choir, and I need to get ready for bed now so that I won't be sleepy during church and choir practice tomorrow. **yawn**

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