Thursday, January 1, 2009

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Guess what?

...wait for it...


It's 2009, people!!

Just making sure you got that.
Don't forget to get it right on your papers and checks and stuff.

You know why this year is going to be awesome?
First off, it began with coffee and hilarious, friendly sarcasm. That's a blast any day.
Secondly, because we have season passes to Six Flags. Did I mention that before? yeah, I did.
Thirdly, because... well... It just is.
Fourthly, because I'll be turning 20 eventually. Wait... that one doesn't make sense.
Fifthly, because my friends rock, and as long as they keep being my friends, 2009 can't be completely horrible.
Sixthly (say that a couple times fast), ... this list is pathetic.
But you know what?
God is on my side. And as long as I stay with him (cuz he sure ain't leavin' me - He said so :D ), 2009 can be good.
Maybe not all fun.
Maybe even really tough.
But good. And I'm excited to see where He takes me!

And you know what else?
I'm not making any resolutions. HA!
You know why?
Because I always break them. Shortly.
And there's no point making resolutions that I'm not going to keep, and then beating myself up about it.
So there.

I had a whole big list last year. Failed every one. I think I did improve on some of the things, I just didn't follow the list to the letter.

Are you making any? Do you usually keep them?

Forgive the scatterbrained-ness. :)

Have a happy 2009, folks!
Love, ME!

(Oh, and it's also going to be good because I have 4 new C.S. Lewis books to read. All bound in one hugemongous, lovely hardcover volume!)


  1. Oh you just make me smile!!

    This is the BEST New Year's post I've read. I like you.



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