Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy January 3rd!

So, my friends, January is moving right along. Have you begun tackling your list of resolutions? How's it coming?

I have congratulated myself on taking baby steps for two of my unofficial resolutions:
Spending less money, and journaling more.
Last night, I wrote five pages in my journal. Goodness knows I probably could have written ten, it's been so long since I've written! But it was getting late, and my hand started aching, and I still wanted to read a couple chapters of Surprised by Joy.

Today, I went to starbucks with a dear friend from my Sunday school class, and bought a cappuccino instead of a macchiato (my fave!) because it was a little cheaper. Of course, I promptyly regretted it, because I really wanted the macchiato. lol But hey. If I'd gotten the macchiato, I probably would have had to start counting change, and when I do that I inevitably drop some, or miscount, which is embarrassing, so... yeah.

After Starbucks (where I diligently worked a few rows of a scarfling) I took my amazing yellow shoes ( have I told you about those? I got them at Etsy) to have the heel repaired at this very humble looking shoe repair shop. Indeed, it was so ... humble... looking that I was a little scared to leave my shoes in the hands of these strangers. But as the interesting man behind the counter informed me that business was booming, and as I beheld the many, many shoes stacked neatly around the workshop, I thought to myself "Well, if they have this much business they must be reputable. Otherwise, there wouldn't be this many shoes in their care." They're supposed to call me when my shoes are done.

The coming week promises fun - and tiredness by the time I reach the end.
Monday ... well, I guess nothing's planned for Monday.
Tuesday work at preschool starts back. Tuesday evening is **drumroll** girls' movie night!! YAY!! Thank you, dear Looneys for being such wonderful, marvelous, awful nice hosts. (**cough**movie reference**cough**)
Wednesday - church.
Thursday - work.
Friday - another movie night at the Looneys'! This time lots of people, not just girls. lol

So, as you can see, the holidays are over, and the schedule is packed.

I don't think there was a point to this blog post. I just felt like rambling.
Enjoy your tomorrow!

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