Monday, October 1, 2007


So. I set up a little shop online to sell my wares.
If you would like to take a look, all you have to do is click these words.
If you wouldn't like to take a look, then sit tight, because I'm forcing you to!
**evil, but cute laughter**

First, we have my newest listing:

A slouchy beret-type hat. I think it's way cute.

Maybe I'll do a little promo for Avon, too...
I'm wearing my new makeup. It's awesome. Love the lipstick.

Next, we have my personal favorite listing:

Woo hoo! Pink Heather Cap! Yay!

But that's not all! This bracelet's pretty sweet, too!

Anyways. That's all I'll make you endure for now.
Just thought I'd do a little self-promotion.
And just a little for a friend.

so... Preschool's going well... And... I just bought some cute boots...and makeup...
And I haven't sold anything yet, so I didn't buy anything else.


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  1. Oh, Caiti, you are SOOO funny...
    But I'll forgive you this once :)


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