Friday, September 28, 2007


Once upon a time, in a busy and lonely world, two unacquainted girls were brought into the home of a loving family. At first, things were strange and disconnected, but as time passed, the two girls became like sisters to each other, and to their adopted twin brothers. Along with a loving mother and hard working father, they lived quietly and happily together in a little house in the edge of a wood, beside a camp facility.

Things had been going well, and everyone was cozy, close-knit, and happy, until the day Tragedy struck. One of the twins died. The family was overwhelmed with grief, but they pulled even closer together to each other in the loss of a common love.

Weeks passed, and, as with all things, Time played its healing role. The wounds of sorrow were mostly healed, though scars still visible. The girls loved their other brother dearly, and were concerned for him. He spent much of his time by himself in a secret little room no one else was allowed to enter. He wasn't bitter or angry, just quiet and solitary now.

One day, the girls were chatting in the living room as their mother cooked dinner. Their father was just coming home from work at the camp, and their brother was down in his room. Out of nowhere, it seemed, a huge tree from the woods crashed into their small house, flattening all but the living room.
The girls screamed, and ran to find their mother. They found both parents, crushed under the weight of the limbs. Orphans. Their brother was all they had left! Oh, how they prayed that he was safe as they ran to enter the forbidden room - only to find that cruel nature had claimed him, too. Taken as he worked on the beloved secret project he'd been making for his sisters.

Clinging to each other, sobbing in the living room floor, the girls grieve for their loss, and fear their future as the night falls. Alone.

That's a dream I had the other night.
I was one of the girls. It was freaky.

And that is a post I wrote a few days ago... I just forgot to copy it to blogger!

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