Tuesday, October 2, 2007

In Love...

Riding home from work, I saw him.
He was standing there, idly, just watching the cars go by.
My mother saw him first, actually. I was too busy rambling about the day to notice anything noticeable.
"Caitlin! Did you see?!" She pointed.
"Wha- OOOhh!!"
My heart skipped a beat.
We drove out of sight...
"Ooooh," I sighed something about love.
"Would you like for me to turn around?"
I grinned.
We turned around; I got out and got his number.
And some pictures.
10-2-07 003

10-2-07 002

Pictures do him little justice.
If only, if only...

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  1. OH MY WORD!!!
    Caitlin you are downright HILARIOUS...!!! :D
    I can just see you driving that thing, merrily humming a tune :D


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